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  2. dead
  3. Title iv funds lost - unibe
  4. Looking for Roommate
  5. UNIBE and the State of California
  6. Intertested in Universidad Catolica Nordestana
  7. unibe information
  8. need help fianancial aid at pucmm or any dr med school
  9. Intec
  10. Apartment/Rommate for Rent - 1 Min away walking from Unibe
  11. Information about UNIBE
  12. UNIBE Jan 2015
  13. UNIBE Rotations Abroad
  14. UNIBE Medical program
  15. INTEC now vs. Mexican or PR med school later...
  16. Unibe Financial?
  17. Title IV loans available
  18. med school shopping
  19. Clinicals
  20. Unibe, intec and o&med
  21. language, classes, and living at UNIBE
  22. UNIBE Jan 2013
  23. Unibe intec pucmm
  24. Estudiante de Puerto Rico
  25. Can anyone get into UNIBE?
  26. Oymed medical school.
  27. What are my chances at UASD?
  28. Current students at UNIBE Med School...
  29. Current students at UNIBE Med School...
  30. PUCMM Federal Loans?
  31. any RNs, Np, PAs looking to go to med school?
  32. Applying to la intec 2013
  33. DR med school, no mcat required?
  34. Please Help!
  35. Is the 6500 USD tuition paid x3 each year?
  36. Does anyone know of any good gymnasiums close to Miraflores or Unibe and their costs?
  37. Anyone Leaving Spouse/Kids In the US?
  38. Is a Bachelors Degree required to be admitted into the Pre-Med pogram at UNIBE?
  39. Feedback on uce - recent info pleaseeeeeee!!!!!
  40. Should I consider going to UNIBE?
  41. Older students at UNIBE
  42. utesa
  43. Older student going to UNIBE in DR
  44. Pleaseeee Answer!
  45. text books, housing and financial aid
  46. Certify Transcripts/Diploma With State Board of Education???
  47. Please Help..Info on UNCE & INTEC
  48. Interview Questions Unibe
  49. school info
  50. settling
  51. UTESA english school transcripts
  52. Intec Info Need it
  53. UASD current tuition rates?
  54. Has anyone been rejected from PUCCM, UCE, or UNIBE?
  55. How to apply to UNIBE for the pre med program?
  56. Can't contact UNIBE! Help getting someone to answer the phone!!
  57. UNIBE's odd requirements
  58. UNIBE 2012 Admitted Students
  59. If i am in UNIBE or UCE can i tranfer to US?
  60. Unibe or UCE
  61. Pre Med application help!
  62. UTESA question
  63. What are my chances of getting in?
  64. PUCMM Experiences?
  65. Nice article about a fellow UNIBE Alumnus/Classmate of mine :-)
  66. Want to start PUCMM in AUG 2012 , cant decide whether to study in NY or DR..
  67. transfering in to clinical rotations
  68. Unibe's final letter/call.
  69. Intec and USMLE Step 1
  70. PUCMM examen de ingles
  71. Are UNIBE Pre-Med courses offered in English as well as Medical Classes?
  72. Future and Current/Previous UNIBE students
  73. Unibe and gpa
  74. Pregunto sobre enroll en UNIBE, por fovor ayudenme!
  75. Photos (Universidad Católica Nordestana)
  76. Transferring out of Unibe to Statia, windsor, etc for rotations
  77. my experience in UNIBE .....
  78. need some help on applying to unibe for sept.2011
  79. Proceso de Legalización de Documentos(Récord De Notas)
  80. The Truth Behind [ U C E ]
  81. escuelas de medicina
  82. Clinical sessions
  83. Unibe
  84. UNIBE Graduate's Experience
  85. Unphu
  86. PUCMM, UASD, and UNPHU
  87. If you are US Citizen, but have Dominican Mother
  88. September 2011 Pre-med or med applicants!!!
  89. Mcat
  90. PUCMM 2011 Feedback (PR)
  91. Uce
  92. is Unibe considered a foreign medical school or a caribbean medical school to the US
  93. Curriculum
  94. # of Med Graduates from UNIBE
  95. Looking for recent PUCMM graduate
  96. Important Anyone that... PUCMM Santiago (STI)
  97. Intec Feb 2011
  98. Anyone Applying to PUCCM August 2011
  99. Anyone Applying to PUCCM August 2011
  100. Applying to UNIBE? Process?
  101. Research tips (school you're interested in doesn't matter)
  102. Incorrect General Information
  103. Medical school transfer from DR?
  104. Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU), Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud
  105. question
  106. Universidad Catolica Nordestana ( UCNE )
  107. Unibe vs pucmm vs unphu
  108. Anyone here planning on starting PUCMM Jan2011?
  109. Hello and HELP!!
  110. UNIBE v.s. UAG
  111. UNIBE v.s. UAG
  112. What do I need from the Dominican Embassy?
  113. Anywhere but UNIBE!
  114. Pucmm?
  116. May or September UNIBE?
  117. Unibe housing?
  118. Odontologia UCE
  119. scrubs...medical supplies in Santo Domingo
  120. Unibe vs. Uce help!!!!!
  121. Pucmm vs uasd
  122. New deadline for sept 2010
  123. UCNE - Universidad Catolica Nordestana
  124. Question about Loans
  126. september 2010
  127. Unibe raises tuition once again
  128. Presentation of a new STEP I preparation course in Santo Domingo
  129. Someone send me this for UCE Students
  130. Desperate for Answers!!!!
  131. New Guy with New Guy Questions?
  132. Can I transfer from UTESA to UASD
  133. Medical books for sale!!!
  134. Transfer to UNIBE worth my time/ money?
  135. UCE vs UNIBE
  136. UCE Facebook group
  137. Anyone Starting U.C.E. Jan 2010
  138. Shipping Car To DR
  139. Must Read Before Even Applying To UNIBE
  140. How long does it take for U.C.E. to process FAFSA
  141. Book List for 6th semester
  142. anyone starting pucmm jan 2010
  143. asking about opthalmology residency in Dominican Republic
  144. Question about UTESA?
  145. Question about dropping a class in UCE
  146. New med student at UCE and i want to drop a class but i have a question about that
  147. UNIBE Deadlines?
  148. Loans
  149. Starting Unibe Jan 2010
  150. unibe detailed syllabus
  151. Need help
  152. Unibe jan 2010
  153. Unibe's gpa req is now a 3.0
  154. Should i look for another school , its been already nov 2 and no answer from UNIBE
  155. Looking for a Room mate
  156. Puerto rican questions about unibe, uag and more. Please read.
  157. How long does it take to get an answer of acceptance
  158. anyone going to pucmm in jan 2010
  159. What are my chances?
  160. Likely hood of being accpeted
  161. Dr. Najeeb's dvd's
  162. Is Anyone Going to UNIBE From Florida ?
  163. Any one StJarting Jan 2010
  164. Transfering from the caribbean school
  165. UTESA english program
  166. Schools at DR losing student loans!!!!!!
  167. How do you get intouch with the admissions office?
  168. Anyone know about transcripts
  169. UCE or UNIBE... Real answers!
  170. Re: Calling oneself Dr.... but hasnt even begun the fight.
  171. Pucmm starting my journey
  172. Need help getting UCE application
  173. Heading to PUCMM...but need help!
  174. Unibe Financial Aid???
  175. Future unibe student
  176. For the NEWBIES in the DR.
  177. future A nesthesiologist???
  178. Dominican Graduation Fees & Associated Fees
  179. Question about UCE?
  180. Banking
  181. Parent Plus Loan Declined, Now What???
  182. Anyone Still searching for a roommate?
  183. Change of career from Engineering to Medicine
  184. What is the class schedules like?
  185. Medical/Dental Insurance
  186. halp me1!!!
  187. Hotel
  188. Is any one going to UNIBE From Dallas, TX?
  189. What is going on with the California Certification?
  190. What is real UNIBE USMLE pass rates?
  191. Bachelors or Not?
  192. Communication once you get here
  193. Physicians "Of a certain age" (this will be a yawn for you younger people)
  194. Recommendation/Personal Essay Letter Help
  195. Starting Sept 09: Help....
  196. Unibe 2009/2010 Facebook Group
  197. hey well i made a facebook so if anyone wants to...
  198. Average Class Size
  199. MED 5 in September 2009?
  200. UNIBE/Dental
  201. Info for family moving so husband can attend UNIBE Med school
  202. Orientation
  203. Ask about living cost at Republic of Dominica
  204. Someone fron UNIBE... Readmission question.
  205. UNIBE Financial Aid
  206. Required Text Book and Equipments?
  207. Apartments
  208. Ask about MMI
  209. Sent Everything...
  210. Accepted but not sure what semester I am starting in
  211. Has anyone transfered credits into Pre Med Level?
  212. Sept 2009 anyone?
  213. Financial Aid ? and Misc
  214. UNIBE professor's don't teach???
  215. Free Medical School in CUBA
  216. Rumbo a la dominicana
  217. hey
  218. Uce
  219. Advice
  220. Student loans?
  221. Dr. Najeeb USMLE tutorials
  222. Low GPA and No MCAT
  223. Amount from Stafford Loan
  224. Puerto Rico- Medical licensing process
  225. Where do we go?
  226. Information asking for UNIBE
  227. Schedule Question
  228. Car or No Car
  229. A few questions about DR!
  230. Should I study in a foreign medical school or re-apply next year?
  231. Entrance exam for medical school?
  232. Newbie here
  233. premeds?
  234. premed at unibe?
  235. new to the UCE this sept.
  236. Registration Trauma
  237. May 2009?
  238. What do i need to do to get into UNIBE
  239. Accepting credits
  240. Is there such thing as Scholarships???
  241. Split A/C for Sale
  242. Guavaberry Country Club
  243. What classes are premed at UCE or UNIBE?
  244. Application deadline
  245. UNIBE - costs?
  246. Questions about UNIBE,UCE and UTESA?
  247. hotels near UNIBE
  248. Positives and Negatives : UCE
  249. Basic information regarding UCE and UNIBE
  250. My Chances of getting in somewhere

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