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  1. Study medicine in Romania
  2. Dnipro Medical Institute
  3. Study medicine in Romania
  4. Any universities with optional attendance?
  5. Possible to transfer from a Caribbean med school to a European med school
  6. Should I go for an EU medical degree or USA bioscience masters?
  7. Residency in Belgium
  8. Cordial Invite to Pediatrics Meeting at Spain 2019 April
  9. Which countries except US,UK,Australia and canada offer specialty program in english?
  10. Don’t go to Titu Maiorescu University for Medicine and Dentistry
  11. European Grad looking to practice in the UK- Confusion about training and progression
  12. EU vs Non-EU schools
  13. Shortening 6 Year Medical programmes to 4/5 Years possible?
  14. Residency training in Germany for non EU
  15. Split, Varna, 4-year med Poland
  16. Study Medicine in Europe in english
  17. choosing MED SCHOOL & preparatory courses
  18. sapinza medicine programm in english/applied pathology III textbook
  19. Doing FY1 in Malta or take a year out and the reapply for UKFP?
  20. licence medical doctor, equivalent
  21. Germany: Non eu citizen with eu diploma
  22. Has anyone heard anything about Trakia medical university in bulgaria ?
  23. Transfer between European med schools
  24. Entrance exam 4-MD in silecia
  25. Poznan or Warsaw?
  26. Cyprus health and social sciences university or Near east university?
  27. anyone sitting IMAT 2017?
  28. How is University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn?
  29. language of teaching in germany's residency programs
  30. Transfer in second year of medicine
  31. IMS Milan vs Semmelweis
  32. Info and opinions on University of Nicosia Medical School 6 year medical program?
  33. Craiova medical university 2017
  35. Transfer from one to another eastern european country? Recommendations?
  36. Practice Medicine in Belgium with my help
  37. Tuition fees
  38. Is changing universities worth it?
  39. 2nd year medicine student want to transfer to charles university
  40. Can My Lithuanian Girlfriend Receive Student Loan in England if We Marry Here?
  41. Has anyone continued medicine at another university after being expelled?
  42. Best Medical Schools in Europe-Uzhgorod National University
  43. ERASMUS – choosing the best university available
  44. Charles or St. George Nicosia?
  45. Dentistry in Jan/Feb
  46. Australian students in Europe
  47. Transfer from Turkish medical faculty to any EU medical faculty?
  48. Planning to go to Ukraine for studies.
  49. Need Help Drafting a eye-catching Personal Statement?
  50. Residency/Specialization
  51. Residency/Specialization
  52. Transfer
  53. Anyone going to Charles (1st, 2nd, 3rd or Pilsen) or Masaryk?
  54. Polish language exam for foringer doctors
  55. Poland or Czech republic
  56. Neurosurgery speciality validated in Switzerland?
  57. Charles university or Debrecen
  58. Semmelweis vs Charles
  59. pharamacy by correspondence in ukraine(please please help)
  60. Welcome the new European Medical Schools Forum Moderator, devildoc8404
  61. University of Bogomolets Ukraine
  62. Non-trad in far-flung Eastern Europe: Tryna get insight/advice!
  63. Has anyone transferred medical schools then registered with the GMC?
  64. Has anyone studied medicine at NEU Cyprus and registered with GMC in the UK? PLZ HELP
  65. which medical school suits me?
  66. Post graduation career options
  67. UK medical student Transfer to 5th yr in Europe
  68. St Georges London (Nicosia) VS University of Warsaw
  69. Looking some help on Turkish Med Schools with English Programs ......
  70. Medical University in Latvia?
  71. Financial Aid/Loans/Grants in Italy
  72. IMAT for admission into Pavia
  73. Medicine Germany 2015/16
  74. Education in Europe(Ukraine)
  75. Irish 6y programs from high school
  76. Review on Smolensk state medical academy
  77. med school in split, croatia
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  79. Condo rental Chicago
  80. Important information regarding Study Medicine in Ukraine
  81. Best Study Abroad Consultants
  82. MBBS options in EU countries for Americans?
  83. dentistry in croatia?
  84. Debrecen University, any advise?
  85. Medical school in Europe
  86. Starting in year 2 of a 6-yr MD program??
  87. Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - international MD
  88. Advice about European Med Schools
  89. Where to qualify dentistry in EU?
  90. Pigas
  91. Dentists in Ipswich
  92. Istituto Clinico Humanitas?
  93. German/US citizen trying to get into German medical school.
  94. Expires Today - USMLE Rx Discount Code
  95. Which University to Choose -> Italy(Rome) or Slovakia ( Bratislava)
  96. U.S. Students Transferring to a Medical University in Europe
  97. Medical Schools in Europe - Transfer Question. Univeristy of Padua?
  98. Help me to choose the university!
  99. usmle rx 50% discount code for step 2
  100. medical school in Lithuania
  101. International Summer School for Medical Students in Cairo, Egypt
  102. University of Zagreb - Croatia: Housing/ Temp Apartment
  103. how to get out of Semmelweis?
  104. residency in Belgium for fmg
  105. Calling 112
  106. Clinical residency in paediatrics in Belgium for a non-EU student
  107. Medical school dilemna
  108. Postgraduate Medical Residency in Germany
  109. Anyone applying to Riga this year?
  110. UK Update
  111. 2014 Highest Match Percentages (non-Caribbean Nations)
  112. transfeRring from Crimea to Ukraine ?
  113. Adult Education Program
  114. Best country(is) to practise pathological anatomy
  115. Residency in Belgium
  116. Any Guidance for an Appropriate Med School?
  117. Barts and the London (Queen Mary University of London) MBBS degree in Malta: thoughts
  118. Martin, Slovakia or Cluj-Napoca, Romania??
  119. Specialties demand in Germany
  120. interested in Post graduate Master porogram in Gasteroentrology GI
  121. is it better in germany or sweden?
  122. Anyone got any idea how good Palacky University is in Czech Republic
  123. Need advaice where to apply
  124. Nobel Laureate Urges US Medical Students To Work/Train Overseas
  125. Medical studies in English in Split, Croatia. Current student's opinion.
  126. Increasing Language Requirements for Germany
  127. Which one would be better Latvian (Riga) or Bulgarian medical school to study ?
  128. can anybody help me???
  129. Medical Schools in Italy in English
  130. Univ of Zagreb Medical school (croatia)
  131. Choose a medical school, Need your advices...
  132. Questions about Semmelweis University Admission
  133. Prestigious Medical Schools In Romania
  134. medical student (transfer case problem in india)
  135. Near East University in Cyprus?
  136. Best MBBS Education in BSMU – Ukraine.
  137. Medical Schools in Germany
  138. Germany Medical Schools
  139. Low-cost Medical University transfers
  140. Foreign med school prep course
  141. Study in Germany
  142. psychosomatic and psychotherapy
  143. International Medical Studies Exam Prep
  144. Transfer to Romania medical school
  145. Anyone still interested in sqeezing through to medical school 2013/2014?
  146. Eurpoean School (Ireland) or Caribbean School (SABA)
  147. Applications for September 2014
  148. How to make strong CV?
  149. Doing post graduation in Russia or Ukriane
  150. Application for a Master's degree in UK
  151. HELP: Best medical school without really really high entry requirments
  152. Acceptance letter from Ovidus university :- faculty of medicine
  153. my son's just fail second year chemistry re-sit at UEA
  154. Migration
  155. Prospective Canadian Student With Int'l Questions
  156. Charles University 1st or 3rd faculty for a Canadian student
  157. Information and opinion of Oradea medical university Romania
  158. Residency in EU?
  159. If you need help with obtaining a residency spot you may want to try this ...
  160. HIV from Fench kissing
  161. UK citizens planning on Polish Med school
  162. Riga Stradins University
  163. Medical School for Graduate Entry In Europe
  164. RSU Autumn Semester
  165. Riga, Latvia
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  167. Applying soon...
  168. Any schools still accepting applications?
  169. 1st vs. 3rd Faculty Charles University in Prague
  170. about Medical University Of Sofia
  171. Best European Medical Course taught in English excluding Britain
  172. So I graduate from dental school...then what?
  173. Is it recommended to study in University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  174. Is the 6th year compulsory?
  175. Dental residency in Finland
  176. One year Internship in Poland or Lithuania
  177. Recently decided that I'm going to medical school, HELP!
  178. Transferring from Poznan to katawica (silesia medical school)
  179. A good Roumanian university ?
  180. Universidad Europea de Madrid - Open day on the 8th of June
  181. Age limit at German schools
  182. Riga Stradins Uni - Dentistry and Medicine Sept 2013
  183. 72 Week US rotation Americlerkship?
  184. MBBS graduate from China wanting to do MD Surgery in Germany.
  185. Got Accepted into Wroclaw Medical University.Need info about university
  186. Options after completing medicine from crimea uni in ukraine
  187. German Medical Residencies
  188. Sofia Medical University, School of Dental Medicine?
  189. Dental programs in Croatia?
  190. Jagiellonian (6-yr) vs Charles First Faculty
  191. Volunteering for Sochi 2014
  192. Prospects of a British citizen holding Latvian medical degree
  193. Medical School Dean's Statement for F1 in the UK
  194. M.D degree in ukraine.
  195. tuition fees
  196. Residency position in Germany as a foreign medical graduate
  197. Residency position in Germany as a foreign medical graduate
  198. Cardenal Herrera Spain
  199. Summer practice
  200. Urology in Germany
  201. Doubts about Kursk State MU
  202. Ukraine language
  203. Latvia, Lithuania or Slovakia???
  204. Non-Teaching Hospital Core Rotation?
  205. Petition for Funding UK students Abroad
  206. Is Turkey med schools diploma equivalent to EU med school diploma?
  207. Clinical Rotations in Europe
  208. Riga Stradins Medical School
  209. 4 and 6 year programs...CAN I APPLY TO BOTH???
  210. European vs Caribbean Medical Schools
  211. Very Unusual IMG circumstance
  212. English European Universities
  213. How to apply to Odessa National Medical University in Ukraine?
  214. In need of a medical school
  215. Serious problem - Must be solved till tommorow!
  216. Residency/Specialisation in Germany- admissions are open for 2013 intake
  217. Medical Specialization in Europe for foreign students
  218. TUS exam_ medical specialization exam in Turkey
  219. How to go for Medical Specialization in Europe?
  220. Euro crisis
  221. Urgently need help/advice on medicine schools that accept 4th-year Med students
  222. UK Foundation Years after studying in Europe
  223. Poland or Germany/Rest of EU?
  224. Tuition Fee issue
  225. Ph.D program in Otolaryngology
  226. Transfer from Damascus Medical School
  227. tbilisi state medical
  228. Enquirying about medical studies in russia
  229. Transfer program in European medical schools
  230. I want to study medicine and become an orthoapedic surgeon tell me what i need to do.
  231. Urgent help about the Ukraine .
  232. I want to study medicine and become an orthoapedic surgeon tell me what i need to do.
  233. post graduation in europe?
  234. Appartments in Sofia
  235. Study Medicine in the Ukraine
  236. German medical school? --> EU-USA dual citizen + bachelor in science
  237. Undergrad Student in US. I need info on how to transfer, etc.
  238. Applying for Residency in Hungary for foreign gratuateds ??
  239. Can I do my electives in the UK? (from warsaw medical university)
  240. osteopath studies
  241. Jagiellonian - US Department of Education suspends financial aid
  242. Medicine in Prague vs Georgia. Advice needed!
  243. Medical schools approved by all 50 states
  244. Level of education in Russia
  245. Moldova, Better than others.
  246. English-speaking Medical Schools in Europe and other parts of the world
  247. tbilisi state medical university
  248. Choosing Physician Malpractice Insurance
  249. Help With Admission To university of constanta (UK Student)
  250. Will Latvian medical graduate from non-EU in UK get provisional registration with GMC

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