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  1. Medical University of Silesia- 4 year American program- Entrance exam
  2. Entrance exam
  3. Entrance Exam for Transfer to the 3rd Year
  4. Any Current Student at MUS from HMI??
  5. Entrance exam for Medical university of Silesia
  6. Transferring to Clinicals?
  7. Question
  8. Transfer
  9. Can someone please tell me about the medical university of Silesia??
  10. Characteristics of Silesia
  11. MUS- disappointing
  12. October 2014 Incoming Class
  13. Fall 2014 medical university of silesia & hmi students
  14. Entrance exam for the 4 year MD program
  15. Starting Sept 14
  16. Transferring to Medical University of Silesia from another Polish medical university?
  17. Can anyone from the MU of Lublin or Selisia please tell me about their experience!
  18. North American Students- US and Canadian students Advice
  19. 4-year MD program- interview
  20. My chances???6yr program
  21. Thinking to transfer from poznan to silesia
  22. Anyone doing Silesia without HMI rom US or Canada?
  23. Match List
  24. A few questions
  25. URGENT Questions about MUS
  26. CHANCES OF Acceptance? Can somebody help me out a bit?
  27. Job offer as a voice actor for girls with genuine british accent
  28. 1 BR available near Wyckoff
  29. Large Studio in Brooklyn Available Feb-July, near several hospitals
  30. Can I do my clinical rotations in Canada or the U.S. if I join Silesia?
  31. How's the Medical School of Silesia?
  32. Spring semester for 2nd year transfer
  33. Current students?
  34. Silesia loses Direct Loans?
  35. Interview
  36. Interview
  37. Medical Books [for sale]
  38. lublin vs. katowice
  39. What are my chances?
  40. Medical University of Silesia is now approved by the California Board
  41. Feb 2011 inscriptions at Silesia MU still opened?
  42. Starting in Feb 2011
  43. Please help!
  44. Starting in Fall 2010
  45. Leaving to Unv. of Silesia in 2 months - want more info on surroundings
  46. About Hope Medical Institute and its program
  47. M.D program in dentistry...I need a help
  48. Quality, Racism, Women, recreation…
  49. California
  50. Hey Silesia is a good school, i just finished...
  51. Question?????
  52. Questions about Silesia
  53. Hello, any Indians going for fall 2008?
  54. Hope Medical Schools are great
  55. Please help... advise from experienced individuals needed...
  56. question to a 3d year student in Silesia , MG
  57. your opinion on UNIVERSITY OF SILESIA, Poland
  58. Anyone going to Silesia for Fall 2007?
  59. Katowice/ Silesia Medical Academy
  60. Silesia Medical University Poland
  61. Medical University of Silesia, Katowice,Poland
  62. Silesia...what to expect?
  63. Fitness centers in Silesia, Poland

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