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  1. Testimonials for a future document on romanian medical schools
  2. Cluj courses
  3. Studying medicine in IASI GRIGEORE T. POPA (ROMANIA), important questions! :-)
  4. Letter of Acceptance from the Romanian Ministry of Education
  5. Medical at Cluj-Napoca
  6. Oral exams?
  7. Advice on studying in romania
  9. Practice Medicine in Belgium with my help
  10. Transfer from Poland to Romanian medical school
  12. -- vasile goldis medical university arad --
  13. Transfer Required into 4th Year - Help please
  14. Timisoara medical school
  15. Academic session in G. T. Popa?
  16. Medical Program in Cluj-Napoca
  17. Study Medicine and Dentistry in Romania and work in the UK
  18. "Dunarea de Jos" Galati Medical School
  19. Exam structure in Romania and life
  20. Ovidius University of Constanta
  21. Doubts about medical student advisors
  22. Residency Programs Germany
  23. 2 years in the caribbean, transfer to romania?
  24. Need help with transfer
  25. Help admission Gerneral Medicine
  26. Need Help Vasile Goldis UMF Arad or Ovidius UMF Constanta
  27. Anyone going to Craiova this year?
  28. an apartement to be rented for students (in Constanta)
  29. transfer to Oradea medical school 2015
  30. Letter of Acceptance from the Ministry?
  31. How to get a "Letter of Needs" for USA J1 visa
  32. Certificate of good standing oradea ****please help!!****
  33. romanian medical schools
  34. Transfer to Romanian Medical schools
  35. Update on studying in Iasi, Romania
  36. UMF Iasi intake 2014 and accomodation
  37. Failed Finals in Uk university. What next?
  38. Has anybody applied to targu mures 2014 ? How is the uni
  39. After second year in English faculty everything in Romanian language??
  40. Transfer to Romania
  41. Want
  42. Studying in Romania guide authenticity.
  43. Studying in Romania guide authenticity
  44. Anyone entering UMF IASI ENGLISH SECTION 2014 ?
  45. study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy in IASI and CONSTANTA
  46. How to notarize the translation copy???
  47. Start applying for medical school entry 2014 NOW!!
  48. Can you apply for more than one Univ in rom for med?
  49. Question Romania - Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad
  50. Don't go to ovidius university
  51. Confused regarding to Legalising & Apostilling of Application Documents Please Help
  52. Cluj napoca medical university
  53. General information for a prospective Med student in Oradea
  54. Anyone still interested in sqeezing through to medical school 2013/2014?
  55. Get in med university romania
  56. ovidius constanta acceptace letter anyone?
  57. Last minute transfers and acceptances to Romanian medical schools
  58. Medical school of Galati
  59. any one have the curriculum of victor babes in pdf.
  60. Complaint on UMFT
  61. Complaint on UMFT
  62. transfer among romanian medical schools
  63. I want to start study THIS year medicine!! any agents.????????
  64. Medical certificate in Bucharest or Constanta
  65. Acceptance letter from Ovidus university :- faculty of medicine
  66. First Mediating Agency for Students in Romania
  67. acceptance letter from the ministry
  68. Accommodation in Timisoara?
  69. my process information ..non-eu applyin to romania
  70. medicine in targu mures
  71. Am Being Gang Stalked, Mobbed and Harassed at Oradea Faculty of Medicine/ Romania
  72. Study medicine and dentistry in romania.
  73. is Getting a General Medicine degree in Romanian better than the
  74. I'm red-green colorblind.Can I apply to medical schools in Romania.
  75. NERVOUS TIMES constanta to announce letter of acceptance on 24th
  76. University Apollonia Iasi
  77. How Important is the High School Biology?
  78. Lucian Balga IN SIBIU !!!!!WHats wrong with you
  79. Constanta fee
  80. Applying to Medical School in Romania
  81. HAS THE TUTION FEES increased for constanta??
  82. Transfer to romania
  84. Ovidius Medical School
  85. Is it recommended to study in University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  86. Date of Constanta exam
  87. Transfer student to Romania
  88. please help ! how to apply to the ministry of education ?
  89. Letter Of Acceptance
  90. Iasi 2013-2014
  91. Constanta 2013-2014
  92. Craiova is an option
  93. times running out for admissions.
  94. About the quality of education at the faculty of Dental Medicine in UMF Tmisoara?
  95. Medicine & dentistry in iasi
  96. Letter of Acceptance possibility by
  97. Constanta
  98. study medicine dentistry and pharmacy in english and french
  99. Rate the best romanian med school among the foll
  100. romanian medical schools
  101. how do you financially support yourself while studying in Romania?
  102. admission process for romania is going to start from may 1 2013...
  103. To Use Agents Or Not ?
  104. medical students -2013 entry
  105. Anyone from the UK looking to study in Romania?
  106. Anyone applying to Carol Davila (Bucharest)
  107. What do they ask in Constanta's entrance exam?
  108. Application to medical University in Romania - Oradea/Timisoara
  109. Applying to the University of Bucharest or Cluj
  110. Urgent
  111. Romanian medical schools, 2013-2014 Application cycle
  112. Study medicine and dentistry and pharmacy in english and french in romania.
  113. Study medicine and dentistry and pharmacy in english and french in romania.
  114. Transfer to Oradea
  115. Tuition increase at Romanian medical schools
  116. Which Romanian medical school has high acceptance rate?
  117. For anyone wanting to do Med/Dent/Pharm in Romania
  118. Canadian-Romanian student- Advice wanted
  119. residency advice
  120. Help! Apply from Ovidious University of Constanta
  121. syllabus with credits Oradea
  122. books for second year?
  123. Constanta entrance exam
  124. Received Letter of Accepted for Victor Babes UMFT... What Next ??
  125. education news and tips to study in italian universities and others
  126. UMF Iuliu Hatieganu Cluj-Napoca
  127. Interview at Oradea 2012
  128. Constanta Entrance Examination
  129. Medical Residency after Graduating 4m Romania
  130. Carol Davila
  131. About studying in romania
  132. Constanta Med School
  133. Changes in Oradea Admissions?????Last minute change
  134. how is craiova medical school ?
  135. Letter of Acceptance from Oradea, how long?
  136. ORADEA-2012!!! Let's get to know each other.
  137. website for constanta
  138. Transferring from carol davila
  139. Entry to medical school in Bulgaria
  140. Entry to Constanta medical school Constanta Romania
  141. Advantages and Disadvantages about studying medicine in Romania...
  142. I need help urgently (Bucharest)
  143. Need help from Students at Oradea
  144. FMF ORADEA 2012 admission started
  145. Basic info about Romania
  146. Timisora WS 12/13 english entrance exam
  147. Problem with Carol Davila University Admission...PLEASE HELP!
  148. Anyone going to Romania through **************(SMA)
  149. Calling all romanian med students/ knowledgeable persons ....
  150. For UK citizens applying to Romania
  151. Applying to a med school
  152. Romanian Ministry of Education
  153. Transfering from Russia to an EU med school
  154. Going to study in Bucharest?
  155. Emergency Medicine Resources Online
  156. Problems in Oradea AdmissionsHi
  157. WHta about this agenyc
  158. Persians studying at a Romanian university?
  159. Help applying to Carol Davila
  160. University of Constanta
  161. Apply to constanta
  162. Admissions for Oradea or Timissoara?
  163. Urgent help! a burning question
  164. Credit transfer from Ukraine to Romania
  165. Studying at Oredea (South African)
  166. One says Carol Davila and Cluj are the bests
  167. Residency in the UK
  168. Does anyone know about Medconnect for residency?
  169. GT Popa information on the site up to date ?
  170. Masters in romania for Non EU students
  171. Romanian Medical Degree - How difficult is it to find work afterwards?
  172. Carol Davila Uni.
  173. Does UMF Cluj's English program recognized by Cal Medical Board?
  174. Help - Transfer from Hungary to Romania
  175. Who are applying to Romanian med schools 2012
  176. please help and guide me
  177. Hi! Asking about oradea and constanta medical schools.
  178. Islam in Oradea
  179. Ovidius university, Constanta
  180. Constanta Admission 2011-2012 (Too Many Students)
  181. Application
  182. Transfer
  183. Please help do any romanian medical schools accept transfers into the spring semester
  184. New rules for admission ROmanian
  185. best bank and mobile phone network in romania for students?
  186. Flat mate needed in Constanca !!! october 2011
  187. Anyone who can help me transfer to Constanta medical university?- maybe advice
  188. have anybody gotten his acceptance letter for studies in constanta
  189. names of medical school with fall admission
  190. writtin final exam in iasi and cluj (romania)
  191. schloraship from romanian govt
  192. I seriously need help (Grigore T.Popa University of Medicine and Pharamcy) !?
  193. First Year Carol Davila Courses
  194. Timisoara- any information/ anyone going
  195. abt SDAC (students dream advisors company)
  196. is a medical degree from CAROL DAVILA-UMF accepted in europe?
  197. Acceptance letter from Ovidius University of Medicine, Constanta
  198. Tuiton fee in Constata?
  199. Romanian vs. English Programs?
  200. Desperately need to find a medical place in Romania(anywhere)
  201. Room /Apartment for rent, IASI, Romania
  202. Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  203. Difficulty in Romanian Med Schools?
  204. Any US Students in Romania?
  205. How Did You Adjust To Romania?
  206. Should I Study in Romanian or English?
  207. german medical students in constanta
  208. medical university of constanta
  209. Transfer from a romanian university
  210. study books for the first year of medicine
  211. living in camin of university of constanta?
  212. Is there anyone going to constanta medical school in September? I need a flat mate
  213. When Can You Take The USMLE?
  214. Application 2011-2012 Targu-Mures
  215. Romanian students
  216. Looking for accomodation
  217. Student Life in Iasi!
  218. Student life in Ovidius Constanta
  219. Looking into the University of Cluj for medicine
  220. help about constanta medical school
  221. help about constant medical school
  222. Romanian med students
  223. About Cluj med school
  224. pls help me can i transfer from ukraine to romania to study the 4th course???
  225. Lets Create A General 'Survival Guide' for International Students. I need volunteers.
  226. Any Foreign Students Studying in Romanian?
  227. Is UMF Iasi Recognized by New Jersey?
  228. accomodation near Oradea Medical University
  229. possibility to transfer from Targu mures?
  230. transfer students within romania
  231. Accommodation recommendation for a few days in Cluj and Iasi (near the Universities)
  232. Corruption in UMF Victor Babes?
  233. Transfering
  234. Transferring
  235. "gr t popa" my honest opinion as a student.
  236. Premed in Romania?
  237. Transferring to Carol Davila
  238. Few questions about living costs in Oradea
  239. studying in the Medical section in english, Cluj ?
  240. Apostille question.
  241. Black people in Oradea
  242. Info on Romanian Universities
  243. Indian students in Oradea Medicine
  244. Letter of Recognition
  245. application to the 5th or 6 th year
  246. Can one apply to 2 universities at the same time?
  247. How about HIDDEN costs in GT Popa IASI??????
  248. Any scandinavians applying to Romania for Med 2011-2012?
  249. If you are joining Carol Davila (Bucharest) in 2011 !!!
  250. Anyone from Cluj?

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