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  1. If you are joining Carol Davila (Bucharest) in 2011 !!!
  2. Anyone from Cluj?
  3. Transfering into the second year between Romanian university.
  4. Oradea International Department - have they changed their e-mail?
  5. Turkish or Romanian medical schools
  6. Oradea - lecture attendance
  7. Is there any french student in constanta 's medical faculty
  8. Oradea Curriculum & ECTS 1st Year
  9. Question about anatomy and book use in Oradea
  10. Question regarding Oradea Entrance Exam
  11. new admissionrules in cluj ??
  12. FMF ORADEA 2011 application
  13. Does your school have a medical students society?
  14. Oradea and their cooperation with Ingolstadt, Germany
  15. am i supposed to appear for PLAB after graduating from Romania..??
  16. Transferring to Romanian Medical universities
  17. Romania SCHOLARSHIP
  18. US Medical School Recognition
  19. How Does A Medical School Obtain Recognition From California Medical Board?
  20. PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: What to expect from Medical Student Association (MSA)?
  21. Which schools in Romania are recognised by the California state?
  22. Carol Davila
  23. Finacing Medical School in Romania
  24. After about 2 months in Oradea, this is what I've seen so far
  25. Post graduation -radiology In romania
  26. Anybody in Constanta 2010-2011???
  27. Cluj Medical School
  28. Ratio Applicants to Places in Oradea for EU-Students
  29. Profesor of UMF Iasi accused of attempted murder agains one colleg
  30. Registration/Enrollment deadline!!
  31. romania 2 ireland after 6 yrs
  32. Stop bashing romania
  33. Comparison Of Romanian schools
  34. Constanta - Entrance exam, contact information and ....
  35. apartments for rent in Iasi
  36. Are Romanian Universities recognised in Nigeria?
  37. Is this website safe?
  38. Few questions about oradea schedule
  39. Calling from Africa!!
  40. How long does the acceptance letter generally take?
  41. Romanian medical unis recognised in India?
  42. AVOID CONSTANTA : Egyptian student deported from University in Constanta
  43. Ministry's contact number
  45. Documentary proof in order to receive Police clearance cert
  46. Accomodation: University or Private ??
  47. Those who are attending ovidius constanta Oct 2010
  48. admission september?
  49. A new forum for students in the University of medicine of Oradea
  50. Aimso
  51. Update PG in Romania reduced
  52. 4 years medical program
  53. A few questions about constanta
  54. Looking for Apartment in Oradea
  55. Anyone applying to Iasi this year?
  56. Step by step GUIDE for free SCHOLARSHIP and RANKING in Romania
  57. international students hand book for timisoara university and / update
  58. englih section realty bite / but relax u will get over it
  59. Anyone know the deadline for 2010 entry?
  60. Targi Mures
  61. A few questions
  62. Late applications?
  63. Question regarding working in Uk/Us after md studies in romania
  64. Flat in Cluj
  65. Oradea course schedule or calendar
  66. Oradea course schedule or calendar
  67. Can I Apply with AS while awaiting for Full A Levels for 2010 Entry
  68. Too late to apply?
  69. Just returned from Romania (Constanta Med)
  70. how long does it take that educational minestry answer ?
  71. Has anyone on this forum got there acceptance letter?
  72. transfer from india to romanian medical school
  73. notarization and Apostile
  74. Visiting Romania in May/June 2010
  75. Does anyone have a working number for minitstry of immigration?
  76. "topic for those applying to Oradea , 2010 Fall"
  77. Evidence confirming you don't need PLAB or other exams to practice Med in ur country
  78. Who has contacted the Ministry of Education, Research in Romania?
  79. admission
  80. Places to Live in Constanta for Med School
  81. Going to Romania to Study Medicine from UK!!
  82. Will i be accepted?
  83. Calling all British citizens going to romania!
  84. U.K students- How are you obtaining Transcript of Records for high-school studies?
  85. you don't need A-level physics anymore?
  86. List of Hungarian and Dominican schools approved by California/U.S.
  87. U.S. Faces Shortage of 150,000 Doctors in 15 Years
  88. California does not recognize the English programs of Romanian Medical Schools!
  89. Will help with admission in Constanta
  90. Concerning Oradea University
  91. Important information about authenticating documents
  92. Do romanian uni look at grades?
  93. Any one applying to cluj napoca for medicine
  94. Need help applying to Constanta
  95. Is this a genuine website?
  96. Does Oradea (or any other romanian uni) favour non-EU applicants over E.U?
  97. Licence Exam and a written thesis (you have to take after 6 years of med)
  98. Thread for U.K students applying to Romanian medical school for 2010 entry
  99. Updated and more importantly accurate info regarding applying to Oradea
  100. Oradea 2010 applications
  101. Info about Cluj - About personal documents
  102. Applying to romania: Urgent help!
  103. Dentistry at UMF Cluj-Napoca
  104. Difficulty in Obtaining Residency After School?
  105. Which university is better? Constanta or G.rt Bopa?
  106. Thinking to transfer....
  107. how to spend 6-8months before med school wisely?
  108. Anyone applying to GT.Popa Medicine for 2010/2011 october intake??
  109. documents to be notarised/certified for application
  110. University of constanta
  111. Transfer from ukraine to cluj-napoca
  112. latest increased fees for GT Popa-12,000EUROS PER YEAR????
  113. Eligibility to sit for licensing exams in Romania
  114. Finding a job after graduating from EU
  115. A free room available in Oradea!
  116. Admission to romanian universities
  117. need A-level Physics??
  118. dentistry in GT.Popa+enquiry about agency&acceptance letter
  119. A BURNING question....
  120. 4 years to complete an MD?
  121. presentation oradea
  122. Thinking of applying at Oradea
  123. private student loan for university of oradea, romania
  124. To the students in Bucharest - has anyone had to get a residence permit?
  125. Is this the Romanian medical system?
  126. Private Romanian Tuition in Oradea
  127. graduation from romanian medical university
  128. Imigration Problem
  129. european students
  130. Be careful if going to romania (fee)
  131. Validity of Letter of Acceptance
  132. Fees for 2010 & beyond + entrance exam?
  133. shared accommodation in cluj needed
  134. Help Needed from Iasi G.T Popa
  135. Oradea- Are the requirements same for non-Eu.
  136. how to change
  137. Beware - Advanced Standing/Transfer Credits
  138. Southwestern University (Phillipines) Versus Constanta (Romaina)
  139. Sri Lankans in IASI
  140. TRansfer to 4rd year in constanta
  141. Should i consider applying to countries besides romania?
  142. Iasi n Timisoara?
  143. 1st experiences
  144. I will be arriving late to oradea university
  145. Is there really a cheaper alternative to Romania???
  146. Can you live on university premises?
  147. Help
  148. Are Romanian english Programs recognised by CA
  149. Romania - Constanta - Tuition Fees
  150. How do you apply directly to constanta or any other Romanian School
  151. student visa
  152. The 'i want to apply independently' thread
  153. Constanta - New Students
  154. Timetable for 1st year at Carol Davila Uni
  155. Can I take my wife for the duration
  156. Health certificate
  157. Whether to apply through clients?
  158. Acceptance letter
  159. Any one know anyhting about university of bacau
  160. Romania - Medical Certificate
  161. cluj -napoca roomate
  162. Oradea : still seats free ?
  163. Need help to apply in oredea madical university....
  164. roommate needed- Iasi
  165. Anybody wanna share a flat in oradea?
  166. how about Oradea.. or,, recommend please..
  167. avce science (double award)
  168. anybody know Romanian med school come here!!!
  169. Advice - Constanta - Romania
  170. letter of acceptance
  171. need a roomate - cluj napoca
  172. cheapest dorm accomodation in bucharest
  173. Explanation of Oradea Admission Results
  174. romanian university starting from jan/feb
  175. Inquiring about Oradea
  176. Urgent
  177. Going to study medicin in English
  178. I need to know the accepted p.g students list please
  179. Romanian Universities that offer med in English
  180. Is this risky??
  181. Oradea Medical University
  182. available place
  183. studying dentistry in english!!
  184. University of G.T. Popa in Iasi
  185. MCAT in Cluj ???!!!
  186. Help required for medical education
  187. Oradea or Cluj????
  188. Flat in cluj- napoca
  189. Urgent Please reply.
  190. IS constanta medical university good or not?
  191. Co tenant for a flat in Oradea
  192. Tuition for non-EU first year students at UMF Cluj
  193. Shared flat in constanta
  194. Is romanian university is better than ukraine.plz reply
  195. Please help it is urgent
  196. Informations about Iasi
  197. To study in Romania /Constanta mainly
  198. Informations about Timisoara and Iasi
  199. oradea 2009/10
  200. IMED and ECFMG accreditation
  201. IMED and ECFMG accreditation
  202. romanian language!!!
  203. how about internship?
  204. Passing the boards?
  205. Constanta 2009/2010
  206. Transfer from Biomedical Science (BSc Hons) to Medicine Course Oradea Romania
  207. Anyone going to Timisoara ???
  208. Text books for 1st year medical students ENG division in Cluj Napoca
  209. Anybody applied to Cluj Napoca Medical University Yet?
  210. letter of aceptance of Romanian Ministry
  211. Admission to Romania
  212. Tuition fees in Romania. Help!!!
  213. Carol Davila
  214. Is the english based Romanian prg better than the Chinese one(zhejiang 3rd best)?
  215. a review of romanian medschool in france
  216. Offering $700 Canadian dollars for processing my application at TIMISOARA
  217. Can one apply for more than one university via Ministry of Education if applying for
  218. Transfer students from to Romania
  219. Oradea 2009 applications opened
  220. contact details for Romanian ministry if education?
  221. Carol Davila and Constanta
  222. university of Oradea
  223. Kaplan's Free USMLE Webinar on Thursday 19th March
  224. medstudentadvisors.com
  225. transfer
  226. Questions about the entrance exam of Carol Davila
  227. Financial Aid and Loans
  228. Deciding on a school.
  229. im thinking...what's goin 2 b next
  230. re constanta med school
  231. Learning the Romanian language.
  232. A general question about Romanian medical schools
  233. MD degree from Oradea University in Romania
  234. Want to come to Constanta next year?
  235. Transilvania University in Brasov?
  236. new english section : Targu Mures
  237. Good info on studying in Romania, Cluj "Iuliu Hatieganu" Specifics
  238. 2009/2010
  239. Very confused about application process...
  240. I am a student in DENTISTRY in Constanta...
  241. pg in Romania
  242. transfer to University Of Constanta medical school
  243. Any news from 2008 students
  244. postgraduate studies
  245. international students needed for constanta dentistry
  246. Could this be true?
  247. Transfer into Romania from Czech - HOW WILL I LEARN IN ROMANIAN???
  248. Studying medicine in Romania?
  249. Medical University of Constant (everything explained)
  250. Comparing Romanian Medical Schools

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