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  1. Dnipro / Kiev UAFM / Bogomolets - any advice for prospective UK student?
  2. Master in Dental Surgery-MDS
  3. Kharkiv National Medical University VS Kyiv Medical University
  4. Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University
  5. MSU or MMA?
  6. transfer from eu to russia
  7. Tuition fees for MD study in 2015/2016
  8. Review on Smolensk state medical academy
  11. About post graduation medical course in Russia
  12. From Sofia to Moscow - is it possible?
  13. About Medical faculty, Jalalabad State University, Kyrgyzstan
  14. Ukraine education agents? (edu - ukraine a scam or not?)
  15. Russia or Kyrgyz Republic which one is better in a limited budget ?
  16. after MBBS in russia ?????????
  17. UK Graduate interested in Russian and Ukrainian Medical Schools
  18. Help needed in choosing and applying to Russian Med school
  19. SIBERIAN STate med school in TOMsk russia ,reviews or any normal info u know
  20. Dentistry in moscow
  21. Overseas experience for Russian Graduates
  22. Study and live permanently in Russia
  23. Does MD graduates from KSMU require to take any exam in order to work as a doc in US?
  24. Ternopil medical university
  25. Which one of them is Recommended?
  26. Orel State university? Emergency..
  27. Moscow state medical university
  28. Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy?
  29. Ukranian university is de-recognized in Malaysia
  30. MMA and PFU fees for 2013/14
  31. Real Website Donetsk
  32. Volunteering for Sochi 2014
  33. Looking for info on Kursk State Medical University - Would you recommend KSMU?
  34. which is the best university in russia for indian students??
  35. Kursk State Medical University CA approved
  36. Transfer to Smolensk Academy????
  37. Anybody from NNSMA???
  38. Take a boo son, take a boo! ( educational agents in Russia and Ukraine update)
  39. M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University ???
  40. Beware of mr.suhas mane global education consultancy
  41. Safe ukrainian translation service?
  42. Is edu-ukraine.com a scam website?
  43. Full time doctor assistant position available in st catharines on
  44. recognization of Russian Medical Degree
  45. european tbilisi State medical university georgia
  46. English or Australian students in Russia
  47. living in russia
  48. mbbs in russia
  49. Volgograd for residency
  50. Level of education in Russia
  51. russian med degree recognition and a few other questions
  52. Items for Sale in Tbilisi
  53. Volgograd state medical university
  54. Russian and Ukrainian medical schools
  55. TRansfering from Russia to an EU med school
  56. Tver and Kursk......?
  57. Need some information about ivano frankivsk nmu,bogomolets and kharkiv nmu
  58. Dormitory conditions in Russia
  59. Revision courses & career guidance for plab, mci indian screening test
  60. English Program in Russian Universities
  61. Contacting Russian Med Schools
  62. Excellence scholarships for PhD students
  63. Ukraine Educational Agents Review
  64. Peoples' friendship university of russia
  65. anyone from india (or from any other country) going to Kazan State Medical University
  66. help abt KHARKIV medical school
  67. Admissions 2012/13 & a couple of questions..
  68. Looking for postgraduate in english medium
  69. Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy ??
  70. Kakie med obraz uchierejdeniya nahodyatsya v Moskve?
  71. i want a study partner
  72. How do you survive russian medical school especially?
  73. Kyiv Post "Foreign Students Get Shaken Down"
  74. siberian state medical university.
  75. American med students/ U.S. MD's can you share your experince at St.Petersburg School
  76. St Petersburg State Medical Academy
  77. Rostov State Medical University
  78. can i work in india after completing PG from Russia without clearing MCI screen test?
  79. Which is beter for mds in russia??
  80. hi
  81. Medical Diploma in Ukraine
  82. BEWARE: Ukrainian med diplomas NOT recognised in EU
  83. Salary of MDs in Russia...??
  84. tambov medical university
  85. i need facts about Russian universities
  86. are agents genuine
  87. God bless russia............................
  88. Russia or Ukraine? which is best for Medicine?
  89. Russia or Romania
  90. Russian med school HELP!
  91. Russian med schools sergury specilization questions.
  92. Russian Pre-med school question!
  93. Study Medicine in Russia Successfully
  94. need to speak russian?
  95. Retraction of unreliable articles: a new phenomenon in Russia
  96. Anyone from India going to Russia
  97. Stavropol university
  98. Kursk Medical University is in a THREAT!!!
  99. wanna more informations about Russian medical schools, plz give me advices
  100. Wanna informations about Russian Medical schools
  101. Admission to PFU
  102. Admission till 18 September 2010 - Serbia, EU system of education
  103. Federal Loans
  104. 4 years medical program
  105. Maxillofacial Surgery PG in Russia
  106. Serbian Medical University - EU "Bologna standard of Education" Really affordable!
  107. Russian Medical Schools
  108. Medium for Moscow Medical Academy
  109. Russian Diploma
  110. University fees for 2010/11 academic year
  111. Kursk state Medical University
  112. Tbilisi State Medical University
  113. Lsmu
  114. PG training in UKraine recognised or not.
  115. lsmu
  116. Studying pre-med
  117. Information about Asian Medical Institute,Kyrgyzstan ?
  118. Skin heads
  119. Not trying to be rude but...
  120. Questions for US citizen who is seriously considering medical school in russia
  121. Russian Med Schools
  122. Anybody have contact info for Mechnikov?
  123. Scholarship in RSMU?
  124. A graduate majoring in medicine is needed.
  125. Admission test in KSMU: easy or difficult?
  126. Admission in russia
  127. Admission 2009 / 2010 fee
  128. Canadian med resident wants to visit you!
  129. USA Citizen Completed MD in Russia
  130. Kaplan's Free USMLE Webinar on Thursday 19th March
  131. Need help picking a school.
  132. Mordovia State University (Saransk)
  133. Medical student knifed in Belarus racial attack
  134. Medical University in Ukraine ?
  135. M.B.ch.B or MD?
  136. Quality of russian MD
  137. Course structure for an MD course in russia
  138. Saratov or Ryazan? Which z the best for an MD course?
  139. Trying to find 1 month elective in St. Petersburg, Russia
  140. where to find courses curriculum [courses&textbooks
  141. I need guidance in choosing a University in RUSSIA!
  142. Internship in USSR
  143. rostov medical university
  144. Tsmu
  145. Top medical universities in Russia ?
  146. Second Moscow Medical Institute Of N.i. Pirogova
  147. message to victoria820813@yahoo.com
  148. A few points to consider when going to a Russian Med School
  149. tver or M2 or ryazan for orthopedics PG
  150. does marks count
  151. Exam Style: How the Russians Will Take Your Test
  152. Ryazan Medical University
  153. Cheapest Russian Med School
  154. Bangladesh
  155. Textbook list of Kursk State Medical University
  156. help transfer to someother university
  157. any russian schools with 4 year MD program instead of 6
  158. Are their any russian med schools with us clinicals?
  159. Russian med grads who practice in the United States
  160. Don't bash Russia
  161. 2008/09 university fees and admission
  162. korean visa
  163. Russian visa
  164. Odessa Medical Institute
  165. help me out with this
  166. PG in Russia
  167. Be thankful!
  168. Loan
  169. Ukrainian Schools
  170. Admission Start Date
  171. is there anyone study in Ryazan state Medical University!!!
  172. Current Russian students
  173. RSMU Questions?
  174. Exams in Russia
  175. Licencing in CA
  176. Recognition
  177. Central Asian Medical Schools
  178. Can We do some kind of Job in Russia during studing M.D in any Medical University
  179. i got a question about entrance tests in MMA
  180. Anyone applying/studying for/in PFUR?
  181. RYAZAN medical school
  182. Pre med in MMA
  183. How to apply?? that's the problem...
  184. What about medical program in PFU??
  185. Nizhny Novgorod State Med Academy
  186. Attention here: Med in Russia & afterlife?
  187. Anyone here studying at Medical Institute,O.S.H State University ?
  188. I need some guidence,please if anyone can help me
  189. Admission 2007/08 is open
  190. nursing program in st. petersburg state medical academy(mechnicov)
  191. Students studying in russia or states of russia
  192. Is studying Medicine in Russia ALL that bad?
  193. Why study in russia?
  194. Russian Medical degree in the EU
  196. Resident chance for graduates from Russian school
  197. lawsuit concerning a Russian medical degree
  198. St.Petersburg State University,faculty of medicine???
  199. I need essential basic books of medicine, could you help me?
  200. I need some advice when living and studying in russia
  201. Your First Days In A Russian Med School
  202. Your First Days In A Russian Med School
  203. INFO about PFU for those that care!
  204. russian schools are good?
  205. Are all subjects in PFU taught in English?
  206. Health care of foreigners in Russian Medical School.
  207. Info on PFUR
  208. Rsmu
  209. Where is place USMLE test STEP 1 in 2007 for Russian ?
  210. Best Med School in Moscow
  211. *****RSMU v.s NVSMU*****
  212. How to apply to russian medical school?
  213. HELP! Any students from Pavlov med. university,st:Petersburg??
  214. St Petersburg, Russia
  215. Some facts about Russia
  216. complete syllabus,subjects for russian medium at moscow medical academy i.m.sechenov
  217. Any student at Russian medical schools ???
  218. Russian medical school via distance learning
  219. Attn: Russian Students
  220. life in saint petersburg
  221. How can i get a prospectus from russian universities?
  222. any russians attending medical school in russia on this forum?
  223. Russian Medical Schools
  224. Russian Medical Schools 2005 Ranking
  225. M.D./USMLE Program at Faculty of Medicine, St.Petersburg State University, Russia
  226. Expanded List of Russian Schools w/ Eng Progs
  227. P.G in russia
  228. came back from russian university..total crap
  229. anyone going to St Petersburg in September
  230. dean not responding to emails (russia)
  231. Looking For P.g From Russia
  232. Dr. Parvez Ali - contact for Russian schools
  233. Looking For Specialisation In Russia
  234. how is russian medical education(specialisation)
  235. Recognition of these Univ/colleges
  236. Help St Petersburg
  237. Kursk State M.U. Russia?
  238. To Malaysians in Non Moscow U (NN,Kursk & volvograd)
  239. higher education in Russia
  240. Russian State Medical University Intake 2005 Details!
  241. Transfer from Ukraine U to Russian U
  242. Russian Med Schools 2004 ranking
  243. Saint Petersburg State University
  244. Studying and living in Moscow
  245. comparing RSMU and MMA
  246. Question about Russian med schools
  247. Studying medicine in Volgograd, Russia & security issues

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