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  1. Group for Students accepted to First Faculty 2018
  2. Entrance Charles University Pilsen/ Hradec Kralove
  3. Best Czech University to study medicine?
  4. Is Charles Second Faculty now recognised in USA?
  5. licency medical doctor, equivalent
  6. First Faculty of Medicine Charles Entrance Exam Tips
  7. Does the Czech First Faculty in Prague Still Exist? And Advice
  8. Charles first faculty 2017
  9. Anyone preparing for the First Faculty of Medicine Charles University Entrance Exam?
  10. transfer to palacky or masaryk
  11. Practice Medicine in Belgium with my help
  12. Study at Ostrava Uni
  13. Asian studying in Charles University
  14. Need Help recognition diploma
  15. Charles first faculty of medicine entrance exam
  16. Is repeating the year worth it?
  17. 2nd year medicine student want to transfer to charles university
  18. Applying to Czech universities
  19. Applying to Charles university
  20. Charles 2nd faculty of medicine, entrance exam (last date)
  21. Whats app Groups for New Students at Masayrak University
  22. Once and for all - which faculty to choose? I/II/III??? I have passed each of them.
  23. Charles university [first faculty of medicine 2016]
  24. Anyone got accepted to charles first faculty here?
  25. Czech - Long Visa process
  26. 3rd faculty flat sharing
  27. Anyone going to Masayrk in September 2016?
  28. Anyone going to the Third Faculty in Prague?
  29. Third/ first faculty Charles
  30. Anyone got accepted into Charles University, Second Faculty Of Medicine in Prague ?
  31. Accommodation for first year students at first faculty prague medicine
  32. Any American studying /applied for Charles first faculty/Second of medicine in 2016.
  33. Masaryk vs first faculty charles exams
  34. Masaryk medicine entrance exam
  35. Masaryk Dentistry-Entrance exam?
  36. Any indian studying /applied for charles first faculty of medicine in 2016.
  37. University level Mathematics Tutor in exchange for learning Slovak
  38. Young Student needing help
  39. Any LGBT at Charles University?
  40. Sharing your expriences on studying dentistry in czech(first faculty,and Masaryk Uni
  41. Questions about Medical facultys of Charles University
  42. Tell me your reviews about Slovak Universities , please !
  43. Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia
  44. Anyone going to First faculty of medicine, Prague?
  45. Study General Medicine/Dental Medicine in Kosice Slovakia
  46. Commenius University Bratislava- Entrance Exam ?
  47. Charles Second Faculty of Medicine Entrance Exam
  48. Anyone applying for Masaryk 2015 entry?
  49. MBBS English programs in Czech Rebuplic?
  50. Slovak medical, comenius and pavol jozef safarik universities
  51. Commenius University ? ? ?
  52. Anyone here joining Comenius University this year?
  53. prerequisites for foreign doctors to do residency in Charles university
  54. First Faculty of Medicine entrance exam
  55. studying in latin america or in czech republic
  56. Charles university medical schools
  57. Have questions about the 2nd faculty of Medicine, charles uni?
  58. Medical books on sale
  59. Questions about 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University!
  60. is there any uni better than mmasaryk
  61. SAT Scores 1800+ will get you in 2nd faculty?
  62. Palacky university entrance exam?
  63. What is the difference between the 3 medical falculities
  64. possibility of transfer to Comenius at 4th year?
  65. 1st faculty of medicine entrance exam
  66. 2nd faculty Charles University
  67. Entering FIrst Faculty of Medicine in Czech as a Foreigner
  68. chances for masaryk?!?!?!
  69. Any 2nd Faculty of Medicine Charles Univ Prague Students
  70. UPJS Slovakia
  71. Charles University1-3rd Faculty of Medicine HELP!
  72. Enrolling into the courses for the medical program at Masaryk uni
  73. Pavol Jozef Safaryk or Masaryk University
  74. Palacky
  75. Charles 1st faculty, faculty in Hradec, or Masaryk?
  76. Translating A-level/GCSE certificates into Czech (Masaryk University in Brno)
  77. Do I have a chance ?
  78. Affordable and close accommodations to the charles first faculty exam location???
  79. Does anyone will attend to Comenius University in Martin ?
  80. where to go?
  81. The Slovak Medical University's dead line is on the 31.May.2013
  82. Answers to previous Masaryk University exams????
  83. Slovakia- UPJS 2013 Entrance Exam
  84. Charles University 1st Faculty Medicine Entrance Exam Revision Thread
  85. Who's sitting the Masryk uni entrance exam on the 18th of May (2013)?
  86. Need info on the entrance exam for the first faculty of medicine of Charles Uni.
  87. UK Graduate thinking of applying to Charles uni
  88. 2nd Faculty, Direct Plus loan, and CA approval?
  89. Charles University 1st Faculty Entrance Exam - Preparation
  91. Slovak medical university still accept first year students for this year
  92. Immediate Pharma industry work for qualified med students
  93. Looking for a room to rent in Martin sk
  94. Palacky no longer eligible for Stafford or PLUS loans!
  95. The Slovak Medical University will open a third year class
  96. The Slovak Medical University SZU
  97. University Transfer
  98. Textbook list for Charles Uni
  99. Starting at Martin University
  100. anyone going to faculty of pilsen in czech republic??
  101. Starting at Comenius in Bratislava
  102. Masaryk University in Brno or Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin??
  103. Anyone going to the 2nd faculty of medicine this year?
  104. Who got admitted to Comenius University in Bratislava, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine?
  105. Charles Second Faculty or Masaryk?
  106. need info on the Charles University Entrance Exam please!!
  107. Hradec Kralove- Dentistry
  108. Info about 1st faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague?
  109. Entrance exam 26th May
  110. Masaryk uni
  111. Dentistry at Hradec Kralove Faculty
  112. Practice medicine in the Czech Republic
  113. Have anyone here already passed entering exams to First Faculty in Prague?
  114. Anyone Going to Masaryk University
  115. HELP! Any Czech Med school success stories out there?
  116. iS ANYONE attending Comenius University on Semptember?
  117. Comenius University in Bratislava is setting entrance exam in Portugal
  118. Hi there! Is there anyone applying to first faculty of medicine(Prague) this year? :D
  119. First Faculty Of Medicine Entrance Exam - Prague
  120. Comenius University - Entrance exam in Portugal 19.May
  121. 2nd Faculty of Medicine SAT Scores
  122. A Negative Feedback About Charles 1st Faculty
  123. Charles first faculty of medicine
  124. Comenius University in Bratislava, Entrance exam dates
  125. anatomy in Comenius University (Bratislava)
  126. Medicine / Dentistry in Slovakia - Kosice / English LVL
  127. Late start
  128. Motivated students at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine
  129. How competitive is the 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles Uni ?
  130. Charles University Entrance Exam
  131. Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Pharmacy- Slovakia
  132. Faculty of Medicine at Pavla Jozefa Šafárika in Košice- Slovakia
  133. Charles university tuition fee?
  134. admission requirements for Hungarian-Slovakian Medical schools
  135. Dentistry at Comenius
  136. Anyone goes to Charles university faculty in Pilsen?
  137. Transfer
  138. Transfer from Comenius university in Bratiskava to Masaryk in chzech
  139. Canadian Student Wanting to End Up Working in EU
  140. Specialising in a field, HOW TO?
  141. Medical school in Czech Republic, HOW TO?
  142. Comenius University, Bratislava Applicants 2011 entry
  143. transfer from charles university
  144. need a roommate
  145. To all 1st years: Welcome to the 1sr Fac.
  146. Student loans in Czech Republic
  147. Any scholarships for Charles university (1st faculty)
  148. Best Telecom (mobile network) in the Czech Republic
  149. Lab coats and scrubs
  150. Need a Room mate
  151. university of martin slovakia
  152. Dorms in Czech Republic
  153. Dorms in Czech Republic
  154. anyone going to join marsaryk university this september.
  155. Does Comenius university have a high attrition rate?
  156. Information regarding dorms for international students
  157. Entrance Exam only once a year for Charles?
  158. 3rd Faculty Charles Uni students
  159. New member!
  160. Which Czech/Slovak schools accept Ford Direct Loans?
  161. Charles 1st Faculty test and Masaryk University
  162. students from Masaryk that took the USMLE
  163. worth it to finish undergrad degree before charles?
  164. Accepted into 2nd Faculty of Medicine
  165. Meet current 1st/2nd/3rd faculty student in Prague?
  166. Anyone going to join masaryk university of palacky university for 2011/2012
  167. number of studs in 1st faculty praha academic year 2011/12
  168. masaryk or the 1st faculty
  169. halls of residence at Masaryk, Brno
  170. Masaryk Brno - Expenses
  171. Dress Attire - Charles University - 1st Faculty Exam/Interview - Smart Casual ?
  172. post-graduate study in charles or masaryk
  173. Heart Attack
  174. Got accepted into Charles Uni in HK – Who else I going/already there?
  175. Final Exam at Charles or Palacky
  176. masaryk university or charles university hradec karlove
  177. Advice on years 4+5 please :)
  178. Nostrification exam
  179. post graduation in czeck
  180. A question about readmedicine.com
  181. Dentistry vs. Medicine at Charles University
  182. Financing Studies at Palacky
  183. Entrance Exams to 1st and 2nd Faculty of Medicine Charles Univ. Question
  184. Comenius University VS Charles University
  185. What does FIRST Faculty and SECOND Faculty mean at Charles Uni (Prague)??!
  186. I need an honest advice about Slovakia medical schools !!
  187. CA medical recognises the english program?
  188. Transfer after 1 year to the USA/UK
  189. charles university
  190. Charles Uni, application for medicine(for JP)
  191. Direct Loan dispensation
  192. Charles Uni
  193. Query about Maltese students at Charles University
  194. Charles University entrance exam past year papers and reference books
  195. is studyin at first faculty prestigious?
  196. Charles U. Medical Graduates in US
  197. Charles Clinicals Questions
  198. Charles University Application Questions
  199. anyone going to entrance exams on the 1st of sep at the 1st fac of medicne prague?
  200. Apartment in Prague!
  201. ujop PreMed curriculum
  202. Transferring from First Faculty Prague
  203. Dropout rate for Charles Second and Third Faculty
  204. 4 years medical program
  205. Some questions about 2ndFaculty of Medicine in Charles University!
  206. anyone going to join premed at ujop this coming september??
  207. Work in Finland in healt care sphere
  208. Charles Attrition Rate?
  209. Transfere student needs help
  210. To all newcomers: LUCKY YOU!
  211. Scholarships/Grants?
  212. Charles First Faculty Class 2016.
  213. Anyone studying at the 2nd faculty?what is it like to study there?
  214. Facilities and Equipments/Technology at Charles First Faculty??
  215. Racism/Stereotyping in Prague?
  216. Recognition of Charles University in North America???
  217. Anybody studying at Comenius university?Does anyone know anything about this uni?
  218. I just got accepted at ujop for pre science
  219. any Americans at Charles first faculty? do you know about Direct Loan program?
  220. anyone had studies pre-programme science in ujop college before
  221. Ophthalmology residency possible?
  222. Medicine for a Vet
  223. cost of lving in bratislava
  224. entrance exam in faculty of medicine hardac karlove
  225. Comenius Medical University
  226. To all prospective Charles students
  227. Dormatory fee for Charles U
  228. Any Irish in 2nd fac Charles?
  229. Questions about Charles University
  230. Charles Vs. Ponzan
  231. Duration of Program
  232. Graduating from Charles
  233. Non-eu citizen to UK from charles
  234. Time required to get licensed to practice
  235. Questions about the application procedure
  236. URGENT: quick question about University in Bratislava
  237. Post Graduate Training in Czech
  238. Could someone translate this paragraph please?
  239. Question about Textbooks for first year at Charles University, 1st Faculty
  240. Anyone else going to Charles University (1st Faculty) September 2010?
  241. Getting Credit for College Courses
  242. what happens if...?
  243. Transfer to Charles Uni or Palacky Uni.
  244. Entrance exam
  245. why have you chosen Charles University in Prague???
  246. Advice and recommendation on first faculty of medicine and faculty at hardac
  247. deciding whether to apply second faculty of medicine or faculty of medicine in hardac
  248. help in charles
  249. czech doctor and uk doctor
  250. Tuition fees!

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