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  1. 6th semester admission criteria
  2. Staten Island Apartments / Condo
  3. Psych at St Elizabeth's
  4. Tried to schedule my own electives
  5. Anyone at SJB or have experience there
  6. Psych Rotation @ RUMCSI (2/1/10)
  7. Electives at RUMC
  8. housing in pontiac MI close to St. Joe's
  9. Wyckoff Electives
  10. Match 2011
  11. Atlanta, GA
  12. Waiting....Who's waiting with me??
  13. Puerto Rico housing
  14. [Internal Medicine] @ Harbor Hospital 01/04/2010
  15. Transitional and Preliminary Years
  16. Credits per rotation
  17. why is my clinical coordinator so difficult to get a hold of
  18. passed step1, now what?
  19. RUMC in Dec
  20. Any good learning electives in chicago???
  21. Ob at Jackson Park 11/16
  22. Peds at Wyckoff
  23. loans
  24. Question to AUA transfer students
  25. serious lag time before clinical rotations
  26. Is 5th Semester really fair?
  27. VA Northport psych Rotation
  28. Anyone interested in CARPOOLING for RIchmond
  29. Wyckoff surgery 11/23
  30. AOA vs. ACGME
  31. Housing in Staten Island for RUMC rotation for the month of DECEMBER
  32. help! housing in atlanta??
  33. setting up our own electives in baltimore?
  34. Lost my rotation and rent money
  35. non green risk
  36. surgery at wyckoff 10/13 (AOA)
  37. SJB Housing
  38. Paging Dr. John Gilbert
  39. RUMC in Staten Island-Apartment
  40. anyone know about louisiana rotations
  41. Hospital Affiliations
  42. southern regional hospital (atlanta) & ob/gyn
  43. Need a ride
  44. Cancellation of rotation
  45. does greenbook only affect residency or practice as well?
  46. 3 wk elective in Baltimore?
  47. Electives in NY aside from Wyckoff
  48. question about setting up clinicals
  49. transferring to SJB
  50. Housing at Richmond
  51. Psych Review for Richmond
  52. Electives @ Harbor/Bmore
  53. OBG/GYN rotation in Atlanta
  54. Flu Shot
  55. Housing in Michigan for 6 weeks
  56. DO rotations start every 12 weeks at Richmond?? or 6 weeks?
  57. electives in baltimore
  58. Jackson Park Chicago
  59. about clinical rotaion
  60. Today, Sept 14, 2009, Windsor started looking good
  61. ACLS certification
  62. questions about clinical rotations
  63. checklist to start 3rd year
  64. 2011 match
  65. Are MSPE's sent from AUA electronically to ERAS or by mail?
  66. medical licensure
  67. condo in michigan less than 10 minutes from St. joe's
  68. Any open rotation spots anywhere?
  69. Endocrinology Elective at Union Memorial Hospital
  70. Has anyone done Wyckoff yet?
  71. books to use during clinicals
  72. Getting older by the millisecond
  73. Baltimore Electives
  74. Um, where do I go from here
  75. Wyckoff soon where everyone found housing?
  76. What happens if you miss orientation?
  77. AOA rotations
  78. Orientation in Baltimore??
  79. comp
  80. question
  81. AUA announces agreement with LCME medical school
  82. clinical coordinators
  83. AUA Wyckoff students...where to live? on 11/23-12/31
  84. Dean's Letters
  85. Step 2 CS and Match 2010
  86. Dr. P Has Resigned as Dean of Clinical Medicine
  87. Apartment in Staten Island NY
  88. Apts in Brooklyn, NY
  89. Easy Electives Thread
  90. Setting up clinical rotations on ur own
  91. AUA Balitmore students...where to live?
  92. Anyone rotated at Richmond recently?
  93. Maryland General Hospital Family Medicine???
  94. Chicago... Jackson Park Hospital...
  95. IMG Friendly residency lists?
  96. Question regarding a family rotation at Baltimore
  97. Looking for a roomate in Baltimore
  98. ERAS states I cannot apply to
  99. Clinical Briefing This Wed / Thur by AUA President
  100. NYC 5th ICM & Step
  101. Cardiology Elective at Wyckoff - Anyone take it?
  102. Puerto Rico?
  103. Good news for sixth semester students
  104. Credits per rotation?
  105. Why increse in clinical science tuition fees
  106. souther regional-Ob/gyn
  107. 5Th semester in Richmond University Medical Centre Newyork
  108. Laptop question
  109. Wyckoff housing ??
  110. OB/Gyn at Southern Regional in GA... greenbook?
  111. AUA's financial aid as of June/July 2009
  112. shining some light on the clinical situation-green vs blue vs umbrella-JACKSON PARK
  113. Family medicine in Maryland General
  114. IM at West lake hospital in chicago
  115. UK sites???
  116. Southern Regional, Ga
  117. contact person/phone number for the pediatrics core rotation at Wyckoff?
  118. help! Psych core at Jackson Park- Green?
  119. anyone starting Clinicals at Jackson Park Chicago July 20th?
  120. Transfer student to clinical rotation
  121. Psych at Richmond University Medical Center
  122. IM at Westlake Community Hospital in Chicago
  123. Great Apartment Available in Chicago
  124. Coordinators...
  125. Radiology at Richmond
  126. IM Elective at Atlanta Medical Center
  127. Starting June 1st at Baltimroe
  128. Mount Vernon Hospital
  129. OB in Chicago @ St. Bernards
  130. IM rotation at atlanta med center?
  131. elective rotations
  132. Documents for clinicals
  133. 2010 match guide
  134. Will I hurt my chances?
  135. is northport va center greenbooked for Pysch and Surgery at Wyckoff
  136. Clinical Experience ??
  137. Easiest electives at Jackson to study for CK
  138. Family Medicine at Baltimore - North Baltimore Medical Center
  139. open rotation spots!!!
  140. Greenbook Rotation List
  141. Baltimore, MD
  142. LORs... (Letters of Recommendation)
  143. Surgery at RUMC
  144. is it only OB/GYN in atlanta or FM,Surgery+ob/gyn?
  145. Anyone looking for housing in Atlanta
  146. For those going to Atlanta this weekend...
  147. Paperwork required for Clinicals
  148. Basic Pregunta
  149. Nysed
  150. riddle me this..
  151. Pediatrics in Georgia?
  152. Pathology electives?
  153. South Fulton, Atlanta, GA (anyone done this site)
  154. Wyckoff for Surgery
  155. Have housing in NYC
  156. IM at Richimond Hosp
  157. 2009 Match day.. Monday, March 16th (post results!!)
  158. Rotaions in Asia
  159. Is Wycoff Losing all Greenbook status??
  160. AUA (and other IFG) Texans...I did some research
  161. Newer Clinical rotations in Atlanta
  162. STEP 1 and 6th Semester
  163. St. Johns queens hospital to close
  164. Richmond U Psych
  165. Atlanta for 5th semester
  166. Comprehensive shelf exam
  167. Greenbook Rotations at Baltimore?
  168. some info from fsmb
  169. 5th semester and step 1
  170. North Baltimore Center
  171. What is the future of North Oakland and its effects for AUA?
  172. clinical dean and chief acamedic officer
  173. IM at Richmond on Staten Island??
  174. Wait on rotations
  175. Can one do all cores through Franklin, Union Mem, St. Elizabeth and Brooklyn/Wyckoff?
  176. Which NYC hospitals have greenbook rotations?
  177. Urgent: Radiology elective at Richmond hospital,NY
  178. please help
  179. 5th semester in Baltimore
  180. Looking for more information on Northport VA, NY
  181. what rotations can be done at wycoff
  182. Clinical Rotations in Chicago
  183. 5th semester rotations
  184. Is it possible to stay in 1 place for 3rd & 4th year?
  185. What are rotation requirements to take STEP 2 exams?
  186. AUA short one clinical coordinator?
  187. Does AUA still provide health insurance during rotations if not where can I buy cheap
  188. GMC in Atlanta
  189. Passport 3rd Year AUA
  190. Transferring to AUA clinicals requirements.
  191. apt in MI for those going to St Joe for rotations
  192. Residency Interviews for match 2009
  193. Do we have to take TOEFL?
  194. OSHA / Bloodborne Pathogens
  195. OB in Chicago
  196. Peds through Jackson Park in Joliet, Illinois???
  197. Rotations in Maryland
  198. Q for Upperclassmen about Green Electives
  199. Anyone in PR or Chicago want an apt. Exchange for 6 weeks ( maybe longer) in NYC??
  200. what other countries can do we our electives?
  201. surgery+OBGYN rotation in Baltimore
  202. 5th Clinical Semester Sites
  203. Cook County Hospital (chicago) Clinical site
  204. OBGYN Wycoff
  205. What HAPPENED???
  206. Plz guys what is the best place to do IM in New York???
  207. South Side / Bayshore FAMILY Rotation - is it DO?
  208. Number of weeks at a D.O. hospital
  209. Wyckoff electives
  210. housing in and near brooklyn
  211. Clinical down time
  212. Advise on OB/GYN and Peds at Jackson Park?
  213. q's about loan and greenbooks
  214. AUA's affiliated core rotations
  215. Is Infection Disease GREEN at Wyckoff?
  216. AUA Graduation Requirements
  217. LOR and Deans Letter info
  218. Whats the best place in NY to do IM and FM??
  219. others.........
  220. couple questions about rotations
  221. What about Wyckoff
  222. Is Surgery at Wyckoff GREEN?
  223. transcript for residency
  224. Advise with Jackson Park Rotations
  225. Anyone know AUA grads doing residency in Illinois??
  226. San Juan City Hospital
  227. Northport VA Hospital?
  228. need urgent help
  229. Clinical Rotations in Texas?
  230. clincal start dates..
  231. quick question
  232. Wycoff pediatrics core-- Is there a Final Exam?
  233. the break before starting 5th semester
  234. AUA Student going to Jackson Park, help please??
  235. clinical rotations
  236. fifth semester miami
  237. fifth semester miami
  238. fifth semester
  239. Do clinical rotations have to be greenbook rotations?
  240. Gastroenterology elective at Wyckoff hospital
  241. average wait time for green rotations
  242. Boricua.. Morena...Boricua...
  243. Surgery at Wycoff
  244. learning disabilities accomodations
  245. anyone with experiences in OBGYN, family rotations in miCHIGAN?
  246. doing electives in btween core rotations
  247. surgery rotation at wyckoff
  248. AUA Surgery Residency Match List
  249. housing in brooklyn ny
  250. Help Step 1 folks

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