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  1. Housing wanted - St. Josephs Hospital, New Jersey
  2. 1 bedroom apt near Queens General Hosp and Long Island Jewish Hosp
  3. 3rd year core rotations
  4. SGU Students Currently Doing CA Rotations
  5. Surgery Sub-I & Elective Rotations
  6. How difficult is it to get rotations in NYC?
  7. Anesthesia Rotation
  8. Furnished Housing avail. few mins. walk to the hospital RUMC
  9. $650/month Room for rent near Trinitas Hospital
  10. Kingsbrook Jewish Psych Core Rotation.
  11. Does everyone take Family Med or EM 3rd year?
  12. Rotation in Center for Haitian Studies
  13. Another question regarding the ranking of the programs
  14. Question regarding ECFMG certification and Step 3 eligibility
  15. Can we talk about surgery rotation at St. Barnabas?
  16. 3rd year in NJ, 4th year in NY? Or do both in same place?
  17. clerkship grades/honors grades of any benefit for caribbean students?
  18. Orthopaedic Research Rotation at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
  19. Apartment for sublet Brooklyn- Coney Island Hospital
  20. Basic Sciences to Clinical Rotations
  21. Danbury rotation in CT
  22. 20 point drop from step 1 on ck
  23. I am screwed. What should I do please help
  24. 2014 residency application dilemma
  25. letters of recommendation
  26. 6 months Core rotations in UK Vs. LOA for all 2 years of US rotations
  27. Furnished housing in staten island-walk to hospital
  28. 2 bedroom Apt in Chicago for Sublease
  29. M3 N95 respirator fit testing
  30. Prematche for US IMG
  31. Housing for Lincoln
  32. Graduation
  33. JI VISA for Residency
  34. Advise on Clinical Rotations in the UK?
  35. Diploma for 2013 Graduates
  36. DIT for CK?
  37. Moving to the U.S.
  38. raise my grade
  39. Psychiatry Core at Kingsbrook
  40. Electives needed for licensure
  41. Where do you live 4th year
  42. Volunteer as a Research Assistant
  43. Which Hosp to do my Med Sub-I
  44. Danbury Student Housing
  45. Med Sub i scheduling before interviews
  46. Med Sub I
  47. Med Sub I
  48. Baltimore Housing
  49. Date for Letter of Rec
  50. Non-Teaching Hospital Core Rotation?
  51. Surgery Written Exam
  52. Arrowhead Medical Center Experiences
  53. J1 visa with May graduation date
  54. Notifiying Programs that application complete?
  55. Step 2 Score and Calling Programs
  56. Woodhull Question - answer please.
  57. Need SGU ID for the NY shelf exam?
  58. Editing a submitted LOR
  59. Late PTAL submission
  60. Roommate wanted 10/6/2012 2 bedroom 2 bathroom near Kings County/Kingsbrook
  61. Applying with only 2 letters of rec
  62. Anyone know how to upload letter of receipt of PTAL payment for ERAS
  63. Word on the street....
  64. August 2012 Psych rotation at Spring Grove
  65. Internal Medicine at Mt. Vernon
  66. Letter of rec from program director
  67. January Term Clinicals Start Date
  68. My internal medicine rotation ends Aug 2nd- will that affect my step 2 exam date?
  69. Southside Hospital
  70. woodhull hospital review
  71. August Sublet near Maimonides, Lutheran, Coney Island Hospital, etc.
  72. Does anyone have Med Sub-i in Mount Vernon Hospital?
  73. Anesthesiology rotation, QHC For August??
  74. Residency Match 2013
  75. UK Placement Form
  76. no sgu spots in kern?
  77. NON-ACGME Rotations
  78. Sublease in Flushing Available for June and August
  79. Do loans cover ERAS?
  80. When to take Step 2?
  81. Which UK hospital
  82. electives in Texas
  83. doing core rotation in uk and us licensure
  84. anyone needs housing in Cleveland Clinic Flordia? VERY LAID BACK LANDLORD.
  85. Place near Jersey City Medical Center or Newark Beth for rent in NJ
  86. St Barnabus/Beth Isreal
  87. Strict about "No days off" policy at Elmhurst hospital?
  88. tips for housing for the noobs
  89. Question about surgery core at sound shore medical center at New Rochelle, NY
  90. Looking for housing in Brooklyn
  91. States requiring all greenbook cores?
  92. Electives at Lincoln Hospital
  93. Peds under FM umbrella??
  94. Remodelled Apartment near Lutheran, Coney Island Hospital, Maimonides, etc for rent!
  95. 1 Bedroom only 1 block away from RUMC.
  96. Family Medicine at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL
  97. Core Rotation Assignments for New 3rd Year Students
  98. Florida Clinicals Info
  99. Housing near Maimonides and Coney Island!
  100. Match Day and SOAP
  101. California issue
  102. Texas Family Medicine Elective
  103. parking at coney island hospital
  104. 2 week electives?
  105. San joaquin General hospital
  106. Queens Sublet
  107. No more EM electives at Maimonides
  108. Where and what time do we meet on the first dat at Cleveland Clinic for Internal Med?
  109. Glen Cove- FM
  110. Peds ER - Brooklyn Hospital
  111. Psychiatry Electives at Metropolitan
  112. ECFMG Certified at time of residency application?
  113. MLK Holiday
  114. Detox elective at Metropolitan Hospital Center
  115. Confused about Cali and ACGME requirements
  116. ACGME Accredited
  117. Social Security Number (SSN) needed for California Letter (PTAL)
  118. electives
  119. Jersey City
  120. Rotations at Arrowhead (California)
  121. looking for a place to live in Brooklyn?
  122. Fourth Year Electives
  123. Beth Israel for Psych in NYC
  124. residency
  125. DIT vs Kaplan for Step 2 CK
  126. Research spot at Cleveland Clinic
  127. Vancouver psych elective.... Is it considered a greenbook rotation?
  128. anyone looking for a female roommate
  129. where did our grades go?
  130. how many programs is a safe number of programs to list for the match??
  131. bringing a car from cali
  132. What to expect during rotations?
  133. room for rent in Staten Island
  134. I need help w/ checking cervical dilation!!
  135. Delay starting clinicals from May to August 2012?
  136. Need an apartment near Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring MD asap!
  137. Female roommate needed for apartment right next to Lutheran Medical Centre, Brooklyn
  138. Housing near Doctor's Hospital of Michigan
  139. Anyone done the Queens/Stockton/Miami Rotation?
  140. Pediatrics Core at Kings County in Brooklyn
  141. Grades For Clinicals
  142. Step 2ck/electives/timelines etc
  143. Medicine Elective at Mount Vernon
  144. Which hopspital center will I have the Pyschiatry core rotation?
  145. California rotations
  146. --which smart phone--??
  147. Any 2 week rotations?
  148. $1275 1BR APT - SOUND SHORE, MT. VERNON, & LINCOLN - Furnished or Unfurnished SUBLET
  149. LoR in OASIS but not in ERAS yet
  150. Cali/Texas Family Med Requirement
  151. Anyone knows how to get housing in Jamaica,NY
  152. timeline issue??
  153. So Im doing I.M., Peds, and outpatient at Mt Vernon--Sound Shore...after spring grove
  154. Kings County Psych
  155. Housing/roomate wanted near St. Mary's in CT
  156. Anyone at St. Mary's Hospital, Waterbury, CT?
  157. OBGYN Case Write Up at NYMethodist
  158. psychiatry rotation in spring grove hospital, catonsville, maryland
  159. No trailblazer...
  160. How competitive are California residencies
  161. Dig deep or go home!
  162. how many programs are you applying to??
  163. Applying to EM-- No SLOR or rotation early in 4th year
  164. Bay Ridge / Sunset Park
  165. Doing worse on Step 2 CK than Step 1- big deal?
  166. Parking around Kings County?
  167. Number of IM letters
  168. chairman letter?
  169. St.Barnabas Apts
  170. ARMC -Surgery Core
  171. Clinical Rotation orientation
  172. Clinical Rotation Scheduling
  173. Living near Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC)
  174. Overlook Hospital- Atlantic Health System, NJ Info
  175. Type of white coat for clinical years
  176. SGU Clinicals Website
  177. Good places to live which are close to Kingsbrook Medical center in Brooklyn
  178. Assigned a 3 month rotation at Queens Hospital- How do you find a spot for 3 months??
  179. Apartments near NY Methodist
  180. Good Hospitals for Peds Sub-I
  181. New York Methodist
  182. Paying tuition for out of network electives?
  183. Delayed applying for residency by year
  184. Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Clinicals
  185. eras question
  186. Taking time off during clinicals
  187. Which Brooklyn hospitals are acceptable to end up in Califronia
  188. Any chance of matching in a residency in a speciality you dont rotate in?
  189. Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
  190. step 2 ck changes! (new questions + delayed score reporting)
  191. Canadians and the B1 Visa
  192. Curve for Clinical Written Exam
  193. Message to Non - US SOM Students Re: Current B1 Visa Situation
  194. What to wear in the hospitals beginning 3rd year
  195. Core rotations all at the same hospital?
  196. last rotation finish on April 27 2012, will I make the May 10 diploma date?
  197. Merger Between WHMC, TBHC, & IFH
  198. loan for residency applications
  199. Help... with out-of-network elective
  200. 2 bedroom apartment walking distance to RUMC
  201. Information for clinical year housing
  202. Is July 8th too late for Step 2 CS for Match 2012?
  203. Rotations in GLEN COVE Hospital GLEN COVE NY NY
  204. Rotations in Jamaica hospital jamaica NY
  205. Need help! my upcoming residency appointment in jeopardy
  206. Visa Issue
  207. step 2 CK question bank in addition to Uworld?
  208. Apartment near RUMC available
  209. Hospitals with RESEARCH opportunities?
  210. NJ Clinical Placements
  211. Canadian students in US - tax?
  212. anyone do radiology at st michael's in newark?
  213. California and Family Medicine
  214. er programs
  215. ...posting links...
  216. Interesting
  217. Hackensack
  218. For 3rd and 4th years regarding 5th term cpd
  219. california licensure and acgme rotation?
  220. Dr B, head of surgery at Woodhull
  221. surgery at Brooklyn Hospital
  222. Freida question
  223. ECFMG Certification
  224. MSPE Advice
  225. graduating with honors
  226. Good dermatology or opthamology rotation
  227. SGU Clinical and Residency Ques.
  228. Graduation Date for Canadians
  229. Diploma date
  230. Drug Testing Before Clinicals?
  231. Medicine Sub-I this fall
  232. Good ER rotation!?
  233. January start class student starting rotations with the August class?
  234. How are clinicals rotation sites obtained? (from a prospective student)
  235. Taking STEP 1 late April...Placement advice.
  236. Best Books for Step 2
  237. medical school GPA
  238. Taking step 2 without time off
  239. place to stay for the next 6 days - lower manhattan
  240. Woodhull surgery dept
  241. Family Med at Brooklyn Hospital
  242. Question regarding advanced placement programs
  243. OB/GYN elective
  244. Dates of August 2011 NY clinicals
  245. anyone recommends a 4th year radiology elective in Queens or Brooklyn?
  246. HUMC rotations
  247. Amazing FAMILY MEDICINE ELECTIVE AVAILABLE! June 20th - July 29th! Study for boards!
  248. parking at brooklyn hospital
  249. Communication Skills Course doc.com
  250. Free time?

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