I was asked about my living experience on SXM and I wrote the person back to their private mailbox...heres a copy of what I wrote I think it might help out everybody.

1. Fishermans Wharf in Cole Bay
-This was a huge mistake I lived there for one semester and was scared for my life.

2. Point Pirouette
-I had 3 roomates and we lived in a BEAUTIFUL villa on Pt. Pirouette. It had a pool, jacuzzi, wine cellar...etc.... We got this place through Jennifers Vacation Villas (check out her website online). Pt. Pirouette is a great place to live and I did for 3 semesters, the only drawback is the road. It is unpaved and unlit but all my roomates including myself are females and nothing ever happened. I think it is pretty safe out there.

3. Simpson Bay Yacht Club
-My roomatews were a semester ahead of me so I had to find a place to live alone for my final semester. I moved into SImpson Bay Yacht Club (also thru jennifers vacation villas) and I loved it! It is 100% safe, gated with security guards, pools tennis courts, etc... The drawback here is the price. I had a studio apt for $1200.00 not including utilities. To me it was worth it. The other thing is that Simpson Bay Yacht club is over the bridge and sometimes trafffic backs up...it is not as close to school as Point Pirouette.

I suggest Jennifers Vacation Villas...Ask for Jennifer or Cynthia. They are both from NY and now live on the island. They weill help you out but you be nice to them and don't screw them over. They are hesitant about students so we don't want to lose this connection.
If you want more info about this just ask