I want to let you in on an app that is a harbinger of improvements in communication regarding medicine and patient care---something that will be brought to popularity by the young and tech-savvy (you) of the medical field.

Doximity is a free networking and communication tool for medical professionals. The CEO was one of the co-founders of Epocrates, and Doximity recently announced that over 100,000 medical professionals in the U.S. are members of the network (see recent press below). I’ve been asked to be a Doximity Ambassador for our school, which means that I’m tasked with soliciting feedback from other students to help guide the product and make it more useful for medical students and residents.

I know that HIPAA is always a lingering thought in the back of our minds as we discuss and learn about patients and as we transition into our medical careers, and Doximity is a way that we can use social media & networking in an environment that’s secure and private (patients and pharma reps can’t access Doximity). Many med students are using Doximity for HIPAA-secure messaging, electronic faxing (strange but true and incredibly useful) and also to prepare for interviews (you can see the professional history and clinical interests for all of your interviewers by looking up their Doximity profiles). There is also a way to access the AmIOn site to see who is on call at the hospital through the free mobile app which runs on Doximity verification (and you use the same email/password account information to access).

Lastly, there are two forum features in Doximity, the first is called iRounds, where you can participate in real time discussions about medical topics, case studies, and also discuss recent articles and research with top physicians from around the country. The more segmented Groups forum feature is the place to create your own closed groups (think study group, class group, etc.), join me in our AUC group that I created here: (https://www.doximity.com/groups/274). It could be a great place to start sharing class resources, lecture notes, and post questions to the class/school as a whole.

If you’re interested in checking it out, go to https://www.doximity.com to create your profile and get authenticated (every member is authenticated, meaning you have to go by your real name). It’s a fast process (about 1 minute). You can also download the free app for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch or Android smartphone.

Once you’ve played around with it, I’d love to hear your feedback so I can pass it along to the product team at Doximity and let them know what we like and what can be improved or added to make Doximity better. Depending on how many of you sign-up there may be some swag in it for you (although the shipping would need to be worked out as we are not all together like a traditional medical school)


P.S.- Recent press articles:
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P.P.S.- Here are a couple of real-life use cases that are starting to pop up as more people use Doximity.
• Instead of waiting until the end of the day to hear about your classmates’ interesting clinical cases, use DocMail to securely alert them in real-time. The multiple recipient feature allows you to spread your wealth of knowledge beyond just those you happen to pass by in the hallway, and push notifications promote even quicker exchanges. (The catch is you can only utilize DocMail with other Colleagues, so make sure you’ve established a colleague relationship with those you want to message.)
• Never have to wait by the fax machine for important documents again, have everything sent to your own personal eFax line and easily keep track of these documents in your Doximity Inbox.
• Look up interviewing physicians when planning for your residency interviews. Get to know your interviewer’s background/education/publications well before the interview to gain an edge over the competition.
• Set up a private Group groups for specific classes, groups or organizations. With access on mobile and web, it’s even easier to participate in group discussions and stay up to date.
• Need help on a paper or with research? All Doximity profile data (including publications and clinical trials) is keyword searchable, allowing you to pinpoint experts across the country.
• Looking for an expert or mentor? Look no further. Many profiles list clinical interests and complete work histories, so use the keyword search function to find an expert in your field of interest. Who knows, a colleague request could even lead to a future collaboration!