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Thread: AUC Merp Jan'13

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    AUC Merp Jan'13


    Hey everyone. Long time lurker, but the lack of MERP threads on AUC made me finally create an account. Anyway I have been accepted to the MERP program for january 2013 semester (actually classes begin dec 4). Anyway I had some questions about this. After doing some research it turns out that the program is combined with ross MERP on the Bahama campus (Seahorse plaza, freeport). I tried contacting AUC admins about some info but they havent been picking up for some reason. From my knowledge here are some facts about it:

    • It is a 4 month program with 16 credits
    • You take watered down med school version of Anatomy and Histology, Biochem, and molecular biology, Microbiology and Immunology, and finally Physio and Biophysics
    • Program is offered on the Ross' old bahama Campus

    However that's all I know about it. Now I have some other questions if there are any students who have taken it or are in the jan '13 class

    • How does the tuition process work? When is it due and how can we get that money?
    • Are there dorms on campus? If not where do we live and how do we pay for the monthly rent?
    • The Seahorse plaze sounds like a pretty shady place to have school lol
    • I heard there is a complicated process with the visa to the bahamas and require several good standing records and return tickets (***?)
    • What if my dad wants to come drop me off, where does he stay?
    • Where do we buy books? Where can I find past students who sell them?

    Thanks for any help guys and I am still deciding whether to go to MERP or no for AUC.

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    Hey, This MERP thing is totally new at AUC since the takeover by DeVry. So, not many people will know anything about it. I would look on the Ross forum and maybe you can get more info.

    Only advice I can give is think long and hard about if you truly want to do this. The Caribbean students are already having a tough time competing as more US schools are being created and not as many residencies being created. There is supposed to be a 1-1 ratio around 2017 and that would be your matching year, so it will be even harder.

    I know it is not advice you want, but if your grades are good, maybe study hard and retake MCAT or do a Masters to be more competitive. I wish you luck as you decide.
    AUC c/o 2013
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