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Thread: cores fin aid?

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    cores fin aid?


    New poster here not AUC accepted yet. But curious how does financial aid work when you do clinicals. I know they have a cost of attendance at SXM but does that same grand total amoount transfer when you leave to do clinicals? Confused because the cost of living and housing is different everywhere. So do you get the same financial aid amount while doing clinicals in New York as you would get if doing them in Michigan? Is it all just based off of what the maximum you are eligible to recieve on SXM? wondering how it works in clinical years 3 and 4? thanks for imputs!

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    The school certifies a certain amount-based on a single student and you can take up to that amount in loans. If you need more for any reason (including supporting a family or anything else) you can take out private loans from a bank or other entity to cover the difference. I have seen some people with families post on here that they had enough money with just the AUC certified loans, but it depends I guess. I am a single student and I was fine up until the beginning of clinicals. Realize that you don't receive the check at the beginning of clinicals until the day you begin rotations. Make the money last until then because AUC will NOT help you out at all.
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