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    sending email from gmail using your auc email address - now works


    I found out this morning from our IT dept that you can now send email from gmail using your AUC email address. Here are the steps:

    1) goto "Settings" in gmail
    2) select "send mail from another address" button from the "send email as" section
    3) when the pop up screen comes up, put in your name and AUC email address and click "next step"
    4) choose "send through aucmed.edu SMTP mail server" and click "next step"
    5) put your AUC email address in ID section (you must put your entire email address including @aucmed.edu) and select port "25" then click "add account"
    6) wait for the confirmation email and put the confirmation number in to verify your email address. If you don't get the confirmation email within 30 min, contact the IT department. I received mine in about 10 min and I'm in the US right now.

    That should be it. Good luck.

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    Awesome. I already have my iphone setup to send AUC emails, I'll do this too.

    I wish the school would just buy a GMAIL mail system like many US schools do.
    AUC C/O 2012

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