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    Past and present...


    I got really bored so I dug up some oldies...lots have changed (I doubt for the better)... (and YES, I AM REALLY THIS BORED):<br />
    RROD"S first impression......
    Overall the island is great! i flew through DR a few years ago and this place runs circles around in terms of lioving conditions! The school is just as in catalog and the dorms are really nice. I don't live in the dorms i got a place down the street since i figured i was going to have to move in four months anyway why get settloed in right? met some students and they are very helpfull, not an anal sphincter in the bunch. A lot of them do hang out and go have a good time at night but i am not in that scene so don't ask about nightlife, i don't want to get involved and side tracked. I will take some pics around and try and put them up in a few days. School wise, one of the students said the new dean is reallt stirring things up and improving the school very fast, he said a few profs from ross were recruited as well as one gut from harvard and thety are getting rid of the bad professors like Dr. Ascari i beleive, everyone said she was pretty bad. Anyway if anyone has questions i will try and log on every few days and answer what i can. I am on my way to the beach, beaches are all clothing optional by the way so kids beware and married guys make sure you wear dark shades so the wife can't see your field of vision...hehe
    http://<br />
    Jon's first impressions:
    Hey gang!
    After scrambling around like a chicken minus the head to get my stuff packed, I am finally here! The flight was 16+ hours and I also had a 7 hour time differential to adjust to icon_eek.gif .
    Anyway, I touched down in SXM at about 145PM yesterday. The airport is small and quaint, but it gets the job done! ***** (tRmedic21) was there to greet me with hugs and kisses (NOT) and I was whisked away in his limo (again, NOT) with 300+ lbs of luggage in tow to the Cote D'azur Marina. Nice place, decent views of the water dependant upon which floor you live on. There is alot of construction near campus and by the surrounding apartments which make the roads a bit tenuous to navigate, but somehow, everyone makes it around just fine. icon_twisted.gif After that, we took a trip up to campus to try and get me registered early, but alas, the powers that be have denied me a student "All-Access" pass. Not to worry, as I have temporary privileges on campus which is were I am typing this post! icon_biggrin.gif
    The campus is pretty nice, compared to other med school facillities I have been too...not to big, not too small, but just right! I got to see the anatomy dissection lab where I met rrod and dc79MD (who I realized I went to College with in HI...small world, eh?!) and a bunch of other cool people. ***** introduced me to Dr. Colborn (our anatomy prof) who was totally cool and definitely into his inguinal dissection. icon_eek.gif He definitely looks like he enjoys what he does! icon_biggrin.gif
    After the brief campus tour, we went to Cole Bay where we visited Cost-U-Less (yes, it REALLY does look like a baby Sam's Club once you're in it) and another nearby market where I promptly loaded up on junk food and diet pepsis. AUC Students abound here, and I met julestx (spouse's club) and her children there, and three more delightful 3rd semester women at the Cost-U-less whose names all began with the letter "A" ...Autumn, Amanda, and....uh...I forget. (Isn't that weird?!). I suppose the Sept. 2003 J-Club (Jon, Jeff, Josh, John, JK, Jingleheimer-Smith) will give them a run for their money, though! icon_lol.gif
    The afternoon/evening ended with a nice trip to the Sunset Beach Bar and grill where rrod, tRmedic21, dc79MD and myself had a few brewskis and watched the planes come in...we'll be back on Saturday to go hang off of the fences at the back of the airport and get blown into the water by the jet engine blasts (apparently a popular local pasttime?). I slept like a rock (10+ hours) ....For the hijinks which ensued this morning, check out *****'s "In case anyone was wondering" thread. You all will love it here. It is a beautiful island (what little I've seen) and the med students are very friendly and helpful. As I become more familiar with the island, I will post my new adventures here. See you newbies (all 16+) and the rest of you Sept. 2003 lurkers (an estimated 90+ by my counts) in the VERY near future!
    Jeez, this was a long post...probably my longet yet! Sheesh, ***** must already be rubbing off on me....
    Finally beat Super Mario Bros within 7 mins.

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    Whoa! My how things have changed...some for better, some for worse. I can't begin to imagine what my post will be like after basic sciences is complete!


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