Hello everybody,

I wanted to discuss my experience at AUA and how they have been there every step of the way. I decided that I wanted to pursue my MD late in my college years and was a junior at that time and hadn't prepared for my MCAT. I was contemplating doing something on the side for a year while studying, but was doing my due diligence and research and learnt about AUA. I had applied and interviewed with Bob Gelles, who never at once made me feel intimidated, and got an acceptance offer shortly after. At the same time, I had two of my friends from undergrad who were in a similar situation and I had informed them about AUA. They both applied and happened to get accepted as well. After much discussion and further research we decided we would all embark on this journey together in August 2007.

Throughout the first 4 semesters at Antigua, they have been there every step of the way despite the small road bumps that every relatively new institution goes through. We had lost our primary financial aid company, but AUA managed to create its own loan so that students would not be deterred. We were also transitioning from the old campus to the newer campus. I decided to complete my then 5th semester at Miami which was also an unimaginable experience without AUA and was my very first step into real clinical medicine practiced in the United States. Then throughout all of MSIII and MSIV I was able to complete all my clinical rotations in time with the help of my clinical adviser and got placed into my first choice locations and matriculated in April 2011. During this whole process, I always had the comfort of knowing AUA was there for me and everything I needed whether it was my Dean's letter or transcripts were sent expeditiously. Unfortunately, I did not have the full experience of the "new" campus and the new building, but seeing all the new accreditation with the California Medical Board and Florida International University confirmed that AUA truly cares about making it one of the top tier programs.

Now, just about 10 years later after I first stepped ground on Antigua, I'm currently a second year Gastroenterology Fellow and about to become chief fellow in my program at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. I honestly couldn't have imagined how my life would have been different if I hadn't attended AUA, although I am ecstatic about where I am at and what I have achieved with the help of AUA. For those of you thinking of pursuing medicine, know that AUA is truly committed to you and gives you all the available resources needed to succeed. Of note, my other two friends that I started out with are both attendings currently, one in PM&R with a completed a spine fellowship and the other a family medicine attending. I can say that I also made several lifelong friends at AUA who were all success stories as well. If there is anyone who has an aspiration to become a physician, note that AUA will help you achieve your dreams.