In this Video I will Show how to Cleans Your Liver and what food should you take to cleans Liver Naturally.

No 1. Garlic:

It is a food that stimulates the activation of enzymes that help eliminate toxins and keeps the liver clean and healthy. The ideal is to consume it raw, because that way take advantage of 100% of its properties. It can be added to salads or other recipes. Please note that cooked garlic can lose up to 90% of its properties.

No. 2. Olive oil:

Another of the foods that can be included in the diet and that helps to purify the liver naturally is olive oil. It contains substances that are responsible for absorbing toxins present in the body.

To start eating healthier, you can substitute the daily oil you use in the kitchen and use the olive oil a couple of times a week. From its first use, the liver will begin to restructure its operation.

No. 3. Citrus and green leafy vegetables:

Foods such as citrus and green leafy vegetables can also be used. Both have cleansing and antioxidant qualities that help eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body and thereby promote health and functioning of organs like the liver.

The ideal is to increase the consumption of citrus, such as lemon and orange, and also consume more green vegetables such as spinach, celery or lettuce, among others. You can also choose to combine citrus and vegetables in a green smoothie.

No 4. Minimize alcohol and caffeine consumption:

Reducing the consumption of these substances can free the liver of many toxins and other substances that affect the good performance of the organ; It would be a good idea to replace both alcoholic beverages and coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages with water, this would allow the liver to regenerate and perform properly.

No 5. Drink plenty of water:

A very easy way to detoxify the liver is to take about two liters of water a day, so this body will stay well hydrated allowing its cell regeneration . In the same way it will be much easier to filter out more harmful substances.

No 6. Include lemon in your diet:

Consuming lemon juice often helps regeneration and bile production , which will help to eliminate toxins from the body. Do not hesitate for a second to drink at least half a glass of this juice every day.

No 7. Green tea:

The green tea is rich in anti-cancer compounds called catechins , just as it is a natural antioxidant and stimulates liver functions to release the excess fat. For this reason it is a plant that can very effectively help clean this important organ.

No 8. Grapefruit:

By consuming smoothies strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, the risk of liver disease such as cirrhosis and hepatitis A, B, or C is reduced , because these fruits contain some beneficial acids, which help lower levels Of sugar in the blood and for this reason it will lower the amount of fat that the liver has, allowing its good performance.