When I was in AUA everyone worried about getting a license since every state had different rules. There was all this Green book/ Blue book/ No book rumors floating around. No one had any really answers and we did not have alumni to provide any info. Well, now that I am becoming an attending I thought I would come back here and shed some light on the situation for a few states. BTW, I am becoming an attending at Interfaith Hospital (one of our affiliates for clinical rotations) so maybe I will see some of you guys around in the Operating Room. Also, if you are worried about your "Caribbean" education impacting your job search, DO NOT WORRY. The only thing employers care about is where you did your training. In fact, having gone to AUA makes for interesting conversation piece. Since I trained at a highly regarded residency I was offered 8 different positions in the NJ/NY area (3 of which were given to me without even having to apply). Anyway,

NY License - Extremely easy process. You fill out FCVS early on in residency to verify all your documents. Then at the end of PGY - 3 year you simply fill out 8 pages of paperwork and submit your FCVS to the New York education department. 6 weeks later = License. Greenbook, Bluebook = no one gives a flying crap.

NJ License - More complex. about 12-14 pages. I had to list all my clinical rotations and what Medical School/Residency they were affiliated with. I also had to go get fingerprinted (in NJ ! ***). They also have been "processing" for about 10 weeks now. So I will come back and update you on all of that. ACGME accredited rotation in the Cores (greenbook) appears to be important for NJ. I did all accredited cores so I can not tell you whether or not it truly matters.

California License - I am applying for this in a few years. So far, it seams as though you need 50+ weeks of accredited rotations AND those rotations must be certified by someone at the hospital by some special form (FMED?). I will be working on this in the next year or so and will update you. Cali is definitely the most grueling process in terms of getting a license it seems. I am hoping that having another state license will help expedite the process for me though.

Good Luck to All. Maybe I will see some of you around.

GasMan 2016