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    Info For Incoming Class Feb 2013. What should I bring *Updated*


    Hey Everyone, I'm currently in my 3rd semester and I remember being completely clueless on what to bring (Because the old list they have on Value MD is completely useless) Here goes:

    1. You need dress shirts/ties/slacks/dress shoes (5 shirts/3 dress pants) - You will be taking a course called FCM (Foundations of Clinical Medicine) and HSF where you will be expected to "dress professionally" 2 days out of the week
    2. Summer clothing: tennis shoes, sandals, sunglasses, hat..etc
    3. The library at AUA has Very cold AC: So def bring 1-2 hoodies
    4. It rains (tropical country): Bring a raincoat/umbrella
    5. Gym clothes (Laundry is expensive here, so make sure u bring a decent amount of workout clothing)

    Bedroom: Depends on where u live
    1. Sheets, Towels, pillow cases, pillows (Very expensive here) *I don't use a blanket because it's 80 all day*
    2. Surge protector (make sure its long -> not too many outlets in dorm rooms)
    3. Fan *AC is provided -> But u will see that Electricity is the single most expensive thing on the island*
    4. Poster/Flags/Decorations/Pictures
    5. DESK LAMP!!!
    6. Iron
    7. Hamper for clothing **Important**

    1. 4 bottles of large Tooth Paste, 2 sticks of Deodorant, Soap, and 1-2 shampoo <-------Everything on this line is Very expensive on the island
    2. Towels (Beach, floor mat, shower, pool)
    3. Shaver, cartridges, shaving cream <---expensive here
    4. Comb, gel *if u use it
    5. Medicine (Tylenol, Aspirin, Antibiotics...etc)

    1. Plastic Food containers (you will be studying and eating a lot at school)
    2. Plastic cups (All dorms come with glass, and students usually break them)
    3. Canned foods, poptarts, snack bars <---- ***LOAD UP UR LUGGAGE EXPENSIVE AS H*LL HERE**
    5. Water bottle for class (Non BPA)
    6. Coffee maker with LOTS OF COFFEE ***EXPENSIVE HERE*** load up if your a coffee drinker
    7. Oven mit
    8. Ice cube trays

    1. Sound proof head phones (library can get loud)
    2. External HD *Atleast 500 Gb for **Textbook Pdfs**
    3. BRING A WIRELESS ROUTER -***************DON'T FORGET THIS********
    4. Ethernet extension cord
    5. Ear plugs * If u don't want to listen to music*
    6. Ipod/MP3 player + Extra headphones if they break

    1. Highlighter, folders, pencils, pens (get a set where u can write notes in different colors) **All of this is Expensive here***
    2. the library printer is 10 Ec cents a page. So it's very cheap to print at school (Don't really need to bring a printer)
    3. Dividers and page finders for textbooks
    4. Mini stapler is key / Sticky notes
    5. Disinfectant, bug spray, Raid (hopefully the Airlines won't find it in ur luggage)
    6. Backpack (nice and supportive)
    7. Laptop and IPad *if u have one -> Great for studying Anatomy and doing practice questions
    8. Extra Laptop Adapter **Just think -> What if your mac charger breaks?
    **It takes minimum 2 weeks to get stuff shipped from the US*****
    9. LOCK **We have lockers at school and this is necessary when you will be in the SIM lab
    10. White board + Enough Dry erase markers

    Medical Stuff to bring to AUA:
    1. Stethoscope, and BP reader ******That's it ****No eye chart, tuning fork...JUST THOSE 2 THINGS
    2. Bring a White coat, short
    3. Clip board -> Need this for Anatomy and FCM

    Books: Like I said b4, a lot of PDF's floating around
    In my opinion, the ones I would recommend you bring:
    1. BRS anatomy (Netters Atlas, I just used the Atlas AUA gives its students)
    2. Costanzo Physio + BRS Physio
    3. Lipp Biochem * MUST BUY
    4. Cell bio book *Must Buy and Read
    5. Bates for FCM (use it all 4 semesters)

    Banking: I use BofA: and you can take money from Scotia Bank ATM (on campus) for no ATM fees

    Other random things to bring:
    Basketball, Tennis Racket, Goggles, Soccer Cleats (Soccer is big here)

    Final Words of Wisdom: PACK A LOT OF SNACK FOODS!!!! granola bars, easy mac, CANDY...etc (SOO EXPENSIVE HERE)

    There's a lot of nonsense written on this forum...AUA is a great school. Just put in the work, you really do get a lot from this school.

    See everyone in Feb: Good luck and be safe
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    So if you have a BofA account, you won't need to worry about opening a Scotia bank account?

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