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    I just finished basic sciences. My overall experience with the island is a blessed one. The faculty has worked hard. Now it's up to me to excel in 5th. After 4th, you have to study on your own. I suggest KAPLAN and FA with your notes on it. Plus WORLD questions. My boy got a 99 and one of my other friends got into a 95.. Hopefully i'll be in their stature too! Stay confident in all you do!!!

    If you need help or advices about the program drop a message..

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    Hello Auastudent01,

    It's really encouraging to hear a breath of fresh air from a student after so many negative reviews by other people. I will be starting the basic science in sept. 2010 and am both excited and nervous about the challenge that lies ahead. I am very determined and would like to hear more about your experience on the island. I will be living in Amor Villas for my first and second semesters.

    I've been frantically trying my best to get myself situated on the island and would love to hear your suggestions about how to go about studying, things to do on the island, clubs/student organizations you may have joined while in school and your overall study habit.

    You are more than welcome to PM me if need be.

    Thanks for your response in advance.
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