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    My AUA Financial Aid Experience......


    The financial aid crisis in caribbean schools in particular - AUA - was really a horrible nightmare at one time. I felt that i would probably never be able to complete school. I had inquired about financial aid at othere schools and was told that students had to pay cash installmentally ..there were no private loans to cover even tuiton..
    I then went on to ask private investors and no one would even give investing in an IMG a second thought. Even when i came close to a deal,They said they would get back at me but of course didin't . At the time, i thought the AUA loan was not going be any help at all especially with the smaller refund checks we were going to be recieving but looking back and seeing now the new addoitional $1000 increment, with our master's program which is going great, i can say we are definitely moving forward i AUA, so i must say KUDOS! Job well done to AUA esp. the financial aid team . I thought the financial aid counselling would be Bogus honestly, but has helped improve my credit score and financial standing really well and i can even secure the BOLM loan now which i used to dread because of the interest payment- But now we are only obliged to pay interest on two loan.
    The financial aid team team is really very helpful esp. with Ms. L.P and C.B - they are really nice. I am about finishing school so this is retrospective for me and i felt i should acknowledge this. I only hope financial aid will get even better for everyone at AUA .

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    The Master's program is not exclusive to AUA. In fact, it's available to practically any student with a Bachelor's degree. I do feel AUA is moving in the right direction and the loan situation, at best, is a reflection of the economy. Best bet is planning ahead and planning as you go along. Both need to be done proactively, much like the entire carib med school process. The goal is becoming a MD, so pitfalls are expected.

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