As you all know, it's hard to find a good doctor in Antigua, let along a good dentist.


I happen to know one very well, for 12 years. I am myself an Antiguan, have a family with two children there (I'm currently doing my clinicals in US), so all of us have been only visiting that dentist for all these years. She also charges very reasonably (unlike dr. sengupta - a famous antiguan dentist/businessman who also owns half of antiguan buildings and apartments))

Her name is Svetlana Ghanem, and her office is located here:
Redcliffe Street
St. John's - (268) 562-5393

I will never go to any other dentist even if I have to fly back to antigua. Seriously. Also, a few of my classmates from AUA also went to her, and were very happy.

Hope this helps.