Hey guys and girls

I was recently contacted by a Doctors in Training representative, who is trying to plan a visit to AUA in the next few weeks to give a short presentation on Step 1 strategies and/or Step 2ck strategies (providing lunch for both) and wanted to see if i could point her to the class president or student affairs coordinator. I know this would benefit 4th/5th semester students but I am neither so if any student reps are interested in this, please send me your email or contact info and I can have the representative contact you directly. For the Step 2CK presentation I am not sure who would be needed to contact but if anybody currently planning on taking Step 2Ck soon or in the immediate future with interest in DIT just send me an email and I will have her contact you. These presentations don't apply to me (right now) but DIT is a good alternative to the big review programs esp for time/money so just let me know and I will point her in your direction. Thanks