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    Can I take Physio instead of Behavioral Sciences 3rd Semester?


    Hi all!

    I'm a transfer student and want to begin AUA third semester. It should be a smooth transition, but the only change or modification to my schedule would be to take Physio third semester instead of Behavioral (since I've already taken Behavioral). And then 4th semester, would be the normal AUA semester.

    Just wanted to find out if that's okay with AUA :-)

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    There was a student handbook that listed the prereq's for each class (i dont have a copy anymore). It used to be on the s-drive, but i think the s-drive is no more. Just call the school and ask about the transfer credits, they can give you an answer.

    Edit: I found an old copy of the handbook on my hd (dated 3-13-09)and it looks like with the med 3 classes, you'd be fine in taking physio (physio is only a prereq for pharm, with is a med 4 class)...but again, to get the most up to date info, you need to call the school. (Since they may have changed the handbook in the meantime).
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