HI - I am looking for some advice.
I have kind of a unique situation. I have been out of college for 10 years working in finance, not medically related. I did graduate with a Bio major and Chem minor. In college I was not sure if I wanted to go to med school or not and was eventually lured into the financial world rather than going to a foreign med school.

Now after the financial institution that I worked for went under I am finding myself laid - off for the second time in my career. I am regreting not going to med school back in the day as I have friends that are very happy that graduated from Carribean schools. I am looking to apply to a few med schools but I am 10 years out of college, I never took the MCAT's, and to top it off I did not graduate with a great GPA (2.82).

I was looking for any advice as to whether AUA or any other schools might be a fit and also any general advice considering my situation.

I know I did not work extremely hard in college nor has my volunteer work been extensive. I do know that I would love to be a doctor but am not sure that this is the route that I should attempt taking.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.