Hey! I am currently going through the process of seeking schools to attend and I was referred to AIMU. I have visited the website quite a number of times but the student housing link does NOT work. I was wondering if there are any current students who can tell me what the dorm layout is like with single and double occupancy rooms or is it "best" or more "comfortable" to seek off campus accommodation?

Can anyone also tell me what the average cost of living would be like monthly for both on and off campus residency?

What is the curriculum like, are classes from 8-4 daily, are they mostly taught using powerpoints, are the professors well verse in their subject area and relay the material well enough for a basic grasp?

I e-mailed admissions and I was informed that the library is open until 9pm, however they will make an exception if there is a need for hours to be extended and that there is not a copy station for students. I was informed that there would be an electronic copy station set up in Jan 2012. This is not a bother as the institution is fairly new so I do understand things are still being worked on. So my question is, how well are the staff at listening to student's needs and concerns and seeing to it that they are met or even addressed?

Hope to hear from anyone who may choose to answer me. Thank you so much in advance.