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    I NEED A MENTOR - Medical school admision


    Hi There

    I am totally depressed, confuse and lost. I decide to come to America to study medicine. My wife at first agreed but later turn around and said she is not going with the ideal.

    I am in my second year rounding up my pre-requisite for Medical school. Now my problem is funding (Scholarship), admission process, and MCAT drama.

    Finance - I can not afford it and most scholarships don't give an international student from England any chance. I will get a loan but how do i go about it?

    GPA - I have 3.7 and I only have 4 class left to take which i will graduate in June 2019.

    MCAT - I started reading it now but I don't know what to buy and where to go

    School: I seriously looking for a school in the US but if us will not accept me is there any cheap university that I go for < 2500 per semester. This way i can work on my holiday to pay rent and maybe slept in homeless people home or beg or do whatever just to survive.

    I really want to become a doctor and this is killing me that I don't have a mentor or someone. Please, what do you guys advise?

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    Well medicine is still very elitist de facto. Even worst in Canada.
    If you don't have the money or parents to pay for you, and no loans, you'll have only 1 option left: make a lot of money and then apply to med school.
    See, it all depends on how bad you want to be physician.

    Are you willing to work hard for a few years and make some $100 000s?
    Most of the people will give up at this point.

    ...oh and not to mention: many med schools ask, as a requirement, a X number of volonteering hours. Amplifying the very elitist aspect of studying medicine.

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