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All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS) - Ranking, Tuition, Campus & Environment | ValueMD

General Information

  • Forum: AAIMS Forum
  • Location: Jamaica, Caribbean
  • Degree Offered: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • Tuition:
    • Pre-med: $4,200 USD/trimester
    • Basic Sciences: $6,000 USD/trimester
    • Clinical Sciences: $7,200 USD/trimester
  • Campus: 66 High St, Black River, Jamaica
  • Email: Email AAIMS
  • Survey: AAIMS Review

A Brief History of Jamaica

Flag of Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island, and the largest English-speaking, measuring 146 miles at its widest point. The lush island features a mountain ridge that peaks at Blue Mountain which is 7,402 feet high (2,256 m). Many white-sand beaches and clear seas ring the island.

Every year Jamaica welcomes millions of visitors from around the world, and the overwhelming majority of these visitors experience carnivals, music festivals, events, attractions, and shopping. Roughly 1.8 million tourists visited the island last year, two-thirds of whom were from the United States. Tourism is expected to increase 6% in 2010.

Jamaica is well connected with major cities of US and Canada through direct flights operated by major airlines and sea. The Donald Sangster Airport at Montego Bay (MBJ) international airport is just 1 hour drive to our Black River Campus.Check out more details on http://www.visitjamaica.com.

Students and their regular guests find a quick comfort in local community that provides accommodation, cultural activities, socialization, shopping, and entertainment with open.

Map of Jamaica

Welcome to All American Institute of Medical Sciences

All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS) is chartered by the Government of Jamaica in May 2009, provisionally accredited by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP), and authorized by the Ministry of Education of Jamaica to confer Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree to its graduates.

AAIMS campus is conveniently located in the town of Black River, St Elizabeth parish, Jamaica. Nearest International Airport is Montego Bay (MBJ) located 46 miles from our campus.  With over 25 flights daily from the United States and Canada, all customs and immigration being processing locally, travel between Jamaica and the USA is extremely easy.

Our Medical School offers studies in the Caribbean with Guaranteed Clinical Rotations in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe and India. AAIMS offer variety of programs including:

A 16 month premed education programfor high school graduates to complete prerequisites and continue into AAIMS MD program.  These students will be awarded Bachelors in Basic Health Sciences after completing premed and first 2 years of MD program.

Students, who already have their premed requirements, can get admission into 4year MD program at AAIMS. The Doctor of Medicine (MD) program will encompass the traditional 2 yearBasic Sciences in an integrated curriculum, USMLE training and 2 year Clinical Sciences comprising of clinical rotation in a variety of clinical facilities across the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe and India.

AAIMS is affiliated with University of Technology, Jamaica (UTECH established in 1958) to offer Dual Degree Programs (MD/MSc).

AAIMS offers students a small class environment, personal attention, and the tools needed to succeed. The facility of AAIMS offers fully equipped classrooms, tutorial rooms and laboratories with advanced computer and audio/visual systems. At AAIMS we follow Integrated Medicine Curriculum with a combination of didactic lectures, lab work, plastinated specimens, problem based learning and hospital visits in order to integrate the basic sciences into the clinical practice of medicine.

4 ½ acres campus with 40,000 sq. ft. of built area with on campus accommodation, Wi Fi, swimming pool, gym, tennis & basket ball courts situated on of immaculately landscaped grounds overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Black River, Jamaica.


Mission Statement

It is said that “Health is Wealth” and the Medical Profession is the noblest profession in the world. The core values attributed to maintaining the medical profession constitutes the quality of health professionals generated and their healthcare delivery in the community. AAIMS strongly believes through its mission and vision it will maintain these core values.

“Our mission is to coordinate resources necessary to deliver excellent medical education leading to generating physicians that will serve the community, and to form lifelong learners committed to excellence, faith, leadership and service.”

“Our Vision is to attain an international reputation as an outstanding medical sciences institute distinguished by excellence, leadership, research and innovation in the quality of our teaching, in student learning and achievement, and in engagement with our communities.”


Quick Facts

Official Name: All American Institute of Medical Sciences
Degree Offered: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Location: Caribbean Campus - 66 High Street, Black River, Jamaica, West Indies
Clinical Rotations: Available options in U.S.A., Canada, UK, Jamaica and India
North American Admissions Office: 1623 S. Ardmore Ave, Villa Park, Illinois, U.S.A.
Directed by: A 5 member Board of Trustees with an 6 member Board of Advisory
Campus: Our Campus is located in Black River, Jamaica the most beautiful Caribbean island. It is spread over 40,000 Square feet 4.5 Acres of Secure Waterfront property.
Accredited by:
CAAM-HP Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine 
MOE Ministry of Education, Jamaica
Student-to-faculty ratio: 12 to 1
Teaching Faculty Composition: MD, PhD, Phar.D., MBBS and DDS
Average pre-clinical class size: 20 to 25
Curriculum: Integrated Medicine Curriculum, Problem Based Learning weighted with USMLE style of questions.


On Campus Residency Halls

On campus accommodation is available for our students. It includes dinning commons, gym, swimming pool and tennis court, Wi-Fi internet and 24x7 access to library.

The safety and security of our students are taken very seriously. All buildings are well-equipped with the necessary fire and smoke detection equipment and alarms. Students find a safe, secure and cost effective environment to focus on studies, while the south coast of the island provides an interesting variety of stimulating leisure activities.

In addition, the School has a dedicated security team that can be contacted 24/7, as well as On – site cameras connected to the central and observatory room with electronic security systems with CCTV connected to the security company. All Staff and Students are provided with Private ID to be used on entering and exiting the premises.

AAIMS requires that all incoming (excluding transfers), 1st semester Pre-Med and Basic Science students reside in University-sponsored housing for the first two semesters. Housing is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Housing is on first come first serve basis. School housing will include a single room with single or double occupancy depending on size and availability of rental property. For students who wish to request individual rooms or have special needs with regards to additional family spacing, please contact our head office to discuss these options. Housing is dependent on availability.

Off Campus Residency Options:

Guest houses and private homes within the environs of Black River are available to students for rental, at reasonable rates. Our Student Services office will help students to find off campus accommodation.



We create medical doctors who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with knowledge, skills to become exceptional leaders in the field of medicine. We provide various program choices to our students to enable them become successful in this competitive career.

  1. Pre-Med Program
  2. MD Program
  3. Dual Degree Program
  4. Bachelors + M.D + MSc Degree Program

The admissions committee closely works with students understanding their interests and prior education to recommend them the right path for a successful career in medicine.

Pre-Med Program
AAIMS offers 4 semesters (16 month) premed program for students who don’t have pre requisites for entering into MD program.  Once students complete the program successfully they are transferred to AAIMS4 year MD program.  Students who enroll in this program are awarded Bachelors in Basic Health Sciences degree after successfully completing 3.4 years of study (16 month premed plus2 yearsof Basic Sciences MD program) and then enter into 2 year Clinical Sciences MD program.

This track is ideal for highly motivated graduating high school students who are committed to study medicine and are ready to begin their medical studies immediately after completing high school.  It is also the path for non-traditional students who need the complete prerequisite courses before being accepted to the AAIMSMD program.

MD Program
4-year MD program for students who have premed requisites.

Starts with five 16-week semesters in Jamaica and sixth semester in Jamaica/USA. These first 2 years of curriculum focuses on courses in Basic Sciences and their application to clinical medicine. Semesters begin in January, May and September, and students can begin their studies in any semester. In addition to didactic lectures, lab work and problem based learning; students make community and hospital visits, practice history taking and physical examinations with patients in Clinical Simulation Training rooms on ourbasic sciences campus. Upon successfully completing five semesters, students are given intensive training to pass US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE Step 1) in our sixth semester with an option to receive this training at our Jamaica campus or USA.  Students are required to PASS USMLE Step 1 to enter into third year Clinical Sciences of MD Program.

Clinical Sciences program will take place in years 3 and 4. In these years students will get training in the care and study of patients in Hospitals. The training comprises 72 weeks of clinical rotation in both core and elective subjects.Once required clinical rotations are completed, students are required to PASS USMLE Step 2CK and CS exams.  After complete year 3 and 4, students graduate with MD degree and successfully passing USMLE Step 1, 2CK and CS graduates receive ECFMG certification that makes them eligible to participate in the Residency Matching Process in the USA.

Students who wish to practice in any country other than North America are required to PASS appropriate licensing exams (PLAB, MCCQE and other) to graduate.

Dual Degree Program (MD/MSc)
AAIMS in collaboration with UTECH, Jamaica offers Dual Degree Programs. During the same 4yr MD program period students interested can get dual degree-MD/Master of Science in Public Health or MD/Master of Science in Physical Education & Sports. MD degree is offered from AAIMS and Masters Degree from UTECH. UTECH will offer their Masters degree courses on site at AAIMS campus from first semester.

Bachelors + MD + MSc Degree Program
AAIMS offers unique program to receive 3 degrees in 5.4 years. Highly motivated students who don’t have premed requisites and would like to get Bachelors, MD and MSc degrees can enroll in this unique program. Students in this program are awarded Bachelors in Basic Health Sciences after successfully completing 3.4 years (16 month premed plus2 years Basic Sciences MD program) and then complete 2 year Clinical Sciences program to receive MD/MSc.These students will receive MSc credits during 4 year MD program offered in collaboration with UTECH. This program is highly competitive and prospective students who wish to enroll in this program are advised to discuss with AAIMS representative before applying.


Financial Assistance

Students are eligible to apply for private educational loans from various private loan lenders. USA Citizens and permanent residents, as well as Canadian citizens, are eligible to apply on their own as long as they are credit worthy. It is highly recommended to apply with a co-signer. Other Country students including India are eligible to apply to banks under Foreign Education loans for Students. AAIMS administration is committed to provide all the possible help from our end to facilitate the process for you.



Students can enroll to the Pre-Med program or MD program at any one of the academic semester: January, May or September.

Programs Pre-Med
Duration 15 weeks per semester
Semesters 4
Fee Per Semester $ 4200.00
Average Costs for Books $ 500 per semester

Programs MD Program
Basic Sciences
Duration 15 weeks per semester
Semesters 5+1*
Fee per semester $ 6000.00
Average Cost for Books $ 600 per semester

Programs MD Program
Clinical Sciences
Duration 12 weeks per semester
Semesters 6
Fee per Semester $ 7200.00
Average Cost for Books $ 600 per semester

Pre Med program is for students graduating from high school and after successfully completing will be accepted to AAIMS 4 year MD program. A bachelor in Basic Health Sciences is awarded to students after 3.4 years and MD degree after 5.4 years.

*Our Basic Sciences Sixth Semester is geared towards preparing students to pass USMLE Step 1 with high scores. Students have option to take coaching offered by various training organizations or attend AAIMS on campus USMLE Intensive preparation course.

Note: Please contact our office for details onMD/MSc (Dual Degree option) curriculum and tuition fee.


Refund Policy

The Following fees are non-refundable:

  • Application Fee.
  • Registration Fee.

Refunds of tuition will be determined by the accounting department as follows:

  • First week of class - 90% refund.
  • Second week of class - 60% refund.
  • Third week of class - 50% refund.
  • Beyond the 3rd week - No refund.


Payment Methods

Students can pay tuition with many different payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer

Students will receive a receipt for any payments made.Tuition will be required to be paid in full before classes begin.



AAIMS recognizes the academic excellence, community, and volunteer service(s) of our applicants. We have established a number of full and partial scholarships to qualified students for each entering semester.

  • Academic Achievement Scholarship
  • AAIMS Diversification Initiative Grant
  • Veterans Recognition Scholarships
  • Scholarship for Native American Indian Students
  • Caribbean Medical Scholarship Program



AAIMS has local offices in USA, Jamaica and India to facilitate coordination with students and Admissions Office. A team of professional advisers will address all of your concerns. We encourage students to forward all the required admission documents and take help of advisors to answer and questions and define their career path for a successful career as a doctor.


Admission Requirements

To ensure a successful academic career and to correlate with licensure guidelines, please complete the following prerequisites to get admission in AAIMS.

All applicants applying for 4 year MD Program are required to have completed a Bachelors Degree or at least 90 credit hours of undergraduate studies including the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Physics

Students who do not fulfill the above pre-requisites can get admission into the Pre-med program at AAIMS to complete the requirements.

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT): This requirement is not mandatory but studentswill be given preference if they have MCAT scores.

Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis by the Admission Committee.


Admission Process

Complete an Application Form, including a

  • Personal Statement outlining their interest in medicine, their goals in pursuing a medical career, and the personal attributes which qualify them to be a physician.
  • Applicants must also ensure that they arrange with all universities and colleges which they have attended to submit their Official Transcripts directly to AAIMS. Unofficial transcripts provided by the Applicant will be accepted only for purposes of an initial evaluation.
  • Submit two Letters of Recommendation from Faculty members who have taught the Applicant.

Applicants are selected on the basis of a number of criteria, including grade point average, personality, reference, personal and support systems. The selection process is in five (5) stages:

Stage – 1 Application with supporting prequalification documents.
Stage – 2 Short listing.
Stage – 3 Telephone interviews.
Stage – 4 Unconditional selection and conditional admission to some.
Stage – 5 Final admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions.

I am missing some MD prerequisites. Will I still be accepted in to the MD program?
Each application is reviewed by the admissions committee on a case by case basis; if the committee deems insufficiency in your prior education, you must fulfill those pre-requisites at AAIMS. Students will have the option of completing any pre-requisites for the MD or Pre-med at their current education institute, or fulfill those at AAIMS.

Will the school help me find housing?
Yes, We provide On-Campus Housing on first-come basis. If students desire to stay off campus, AAIMS Student Services department will help you to find accommodation.

Is there a preferred undergraduate degree?
AAIMS accepts students from a wide range of backgrounds. Although we do not require a specific major, we do require all science prerequisites, as well as community work in the medical field to be completed before acceptance.

Will I qualify to practice medicine in the United States if I attend AAIMS?
Graduates are eligible for the NRMP Residency Placement Match program. Once students have successfully completed Step I and Step II of the USMLE and Clinical Skills Assessment Test and have received their ECFMG certification, they are eligible for residency training in the United States.

Our curriculum is based on the United States Medical School model.We work diligently with students to prepare for the United States standardized examinations required of all medical students (USMLE Step 1, Step 2 (CS) and (CK) and USMLE Step 3, by providing the proper curriculum, smaller classes, and a higher teacher/student ratio.

Do I require student visa for Jamaica?
After acceptance to AAIMS, you will receive visa information in your admissions packet. Based on Country of citizenship some students are required to obtain visa from local Jamaican Consulate. Commonwealth Citizens will get visa on arrival and are required to submit the visa application for processing to AAIMS prior to their arrival along with required documents.AAIMS registrar office will guide every student in this process.


Would like to inquiry more? Email AAIMS now!