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    Post FMG friendly residencies

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    I stumbled upon this the other day and decided to post it on vmd just in case it is able to help anyone on here out. It is a website listing residencies that have or have been known to accept FMG's.

    Just click the state on the right and it will list any residencies in that state it has listed. I don't know how up to date it is because it looks like the website was made in 2006.
    IMG - FMG Friendly Residency Programs ( Hospitals) List - All Free !

    also I found another website claiming similar knowledge

    FMG America - FMG Friendly Hospital Residency Program Lists

    if anyone else has anymore up to date lists than mine feel free to share

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    The best way to find out is to look through the ACGME at the various programs and look at their current resident page. If you see a lot of IMGs - put a checkmark next to that program.

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