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    St. Georges edges closer to US accreditation of vet school

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    The veterinary field is for those who love working with animals and it also offers several career paths as per their interest. The three main positions are veterinary technician, veterinary assistant and veterinarian. All are important depending upon their role in the veterinarian’s office and requires different schooling.
    Most common and opted one is the 2-year associate degree from accredited community college. Currently several colleges are offering vet tech programs both regular as well as online. Some colleges are also having scholarship programs Veterinary Technician Scholarships | Online Veterinary Technician Schools
    After becoming a veterinary technician, getting a job in veterinary clinic or in animal hospital becomes easy.
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    Just wondering.......what was the purpose of the above post? FYI, quite sure SGU has US accreditation now. There was a thread on valuemd not long ago confirming accreditation was received.
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