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    Arrow Could I take my O.Chem @ CC? Is a 2.5 GPA sufficient?

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    I am interested in applying to veterinary school at Ross/SGU, I have taken all my pre-reqs except for O.Chem and Biochem. I was thinking on taking those classes at a 2 year college this summer break. I want to know if it even matters where you take your classes at.
    Another question I have is that what are the chances of getting into vet. school with a GPA of 2.5 (my community college GPA), the thing is that last year I messed up and got two F's at my four year university bringing down my GPA to 1.4. I could take some easy classes next semester to bring up my GPA to 2.5(ish). So, lets say I get the 2.5 GPA overall, would that be sufficient? I have noticed that the schools(Ross and SGU) don't have GPAs posted, so I have no idea what is the minimun GPA score they accept.
    I still have to take the GRE, and I am sure I will get a kind of good score. I just need to practice for it.
    I also have experience with animals for years if that counts, I used to work in an animal clinic as a bather. And I helped veterinarians from time to time with surgeries and patients/owners. I volunteered at the Humane society, also I used to be a pet-sitter. I have also owned different kind of animals, iguanas, scorpions, fish, chinchillas, rats, dogs, cats, birds, turtles. I just love animals and would love to become a veterinarian. I donated money to the SPCA, PETA, WWF... don't know if that even matters.
    Any thoughts, comments, anything is greatly appreciated
    Thank you,

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    I know this is a year after you made the post, but in case you were still wondering.....

    St. George's has a page of stats for entering students, enrollment, and demographics.

    Click through the stuff on this webpage. It's really informative!
    Their average GPA for students entering into the 4 year vet program is a 3.07, and a 2.95 science GPA.

    Go to: sgu.edu, click on future students on the right side of the page. Underneath where it says "explore SGU" in the middle column, click on stats and demographics.

    Hope this helps

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    I took the majority of my pre-reqs at community college, except for General Biology I & II, General Physics I & II and Genetics. The classes I took at community college were: Gen Chem I & II, Organic Chem I & II, Biochem, Microbiology and Cell Biology.

    As long as you do well in your classes, especially the upper level ones, and get a good score on the GRE, you'll be fine. I also had 7 years of working summers and winters at a vet hospital, but the last time I had any vet experience was 2004. Despite that, I was still accepted into the vet program at SGU, Ross and AUA.

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