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Thread: Retake Step 3

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    Retake Step 3

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    I took Step 3 about 2 weeks ago, so no results yet. But, in case of retaking the exam, how soon can someone retake it or reapply for it? Are there any time limits?



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    Jun 2005

    I passed

    Hello everyone.
    I got my results in 19 days (fast!). And, I passed 206/85.

    I took it in the beginning of 2nd yr of residency. I took off some vacation time to study (I couldn't study while going to work and being on call). I used Crush step 3 (I read it at least 3 times) and USMLEWORLD questions ( I did about 950 of them). I also reviewed my answers and took notes on questions I didn't know well.
    I didn't really use anything else, except to look up some topics from IM in my step 2 kaplan notes.
    I was scoring about 50-55% on usmleworld questions, higher in my own specialty (peds, about 75% on uw q's).
    And, I prayed a lot!

    Good luck to everyone!

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