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    Remarkable Tutoring Program


    Remarkable Tutoring Program

    Extensive Materials

    Every student is provided with a personal set of all real USMLE-type questions that are publicly available.

    Comprehensive Lessons

    Our course offers interactive lessons on every concept tested on the USMLE. An abundance of material in the form of instructional videos, written explanations, practice drills, and digital whiteboard sessions gives our students every opportunity to master each skill.

    Multi-Format: Read, Watch, Listen, Learn

    Our Online USMLE Course utilizes a variety of media that goes way beyond the traditional text-only format. With the addition of videos, interactive games, animated whiteboard presentations and live one-on-one tutorials, students stay focused longer and learn faster.

    Standardized and PRN Hours of Private Tutoring

    Our expert instructors offer guidance, monitor progress, and answer questions at every stage.. Telephonic or online tutoring is available through the use of shared whiteboards, chat, and Skype.

    Real USMLE Diagnostics

    Students take 4 diagnostics throughout the course. Of these, 2 are computer based and 2 are paper based. Accompanying computerized score reports provide critical information about students’ current level of performance, how they are progressing, and where they should focus their study time.

    Practice and Drills

    Being prepared is crucial to USMLE success. Our course provides thousands of questions, drills, quizzes, and interactive games to encourage participation and hone skills!

    Multi-Device Support

    We know that today's students are constantly on the go, so we made our courses cross-platform compatible, enabling students, via the CLOUD to study on their desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

    In-Depth Curriculum

    Our curriculum gives students a solid foundation in the exam-taking, basic science, and of ultimate importance- Clinical Correlational- skills tested on all of the USMLEs. We focus on techniques that others often overlook: how to understand the language of the USMLE, determine which concepts are being tested, and use basic science and “clinical correlations” to solve even the most complex problems.

    Proven Success

    In the past 17 years, legions of students have prepared for USMLEs with us. With courses designed to teach skills, not tricks and gimmicks, we will help you achieve amazing results.

    For More Information

    (Guaranteed Passage-cost is ~fourteen k dollars per step; call anytime at six four one, seven one five thirty nine hundred, ext nine five two, nine seven nine)
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