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    Cell phones in DR?

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    I just recently visited DR. I noticed that cell phone as well as internet service is excellent. As in the states, people have been replacing their home phones completely for their cell phones.

    For a person making frequent calls to the states is it best to use calling cards as many people do? Or is there a special plan for international callers?

    I heard of a special plan that has a local US number but rings over in the Domincan Republic. I would really be interested in this plan.

    Does anybody have any information on this? Thank you!

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    You are referring to Vonage. Just look it up online. The phone has a US number, and is hooked up through your internet. They have plans between $15-$25 a month. The cell phones down here can make and receive calls to and from the states. You can get cell phone plans here from Orange and Verizon that give you a certain amount of minutes per month and if you run out, you just buy phone cards to add minutes.

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