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    Average Age in UK and Irish Schools/ Mature Students

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    Can anyone speak about the average age of the students in the Irish and UK schools? I will be 29 next year when I hope to start. Yikes! Are the majority of the people in the programs out of high school?? I am also a US citizen so I know that effects my qualifications for some "mature student" programs (Dublin I believe only take EU citizen Mature students).

    I'd like to be around people my own age, and I've read that some of the 6 year programs have some immature students that are straight out of HS...

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    Hey,Well i can only speak for my school which is NUIG, but about 90% of the students in my class are around 17-19 years old, i am 23, and find that i feel old! I would say if you are wanting to go to a school with the students in your class being the same age or around the same age, i would try tinity or RCSI, they accept more international students, who would be older, but the majority of the irish students or UK students are going to still be teenagers, and they act like teenagers. I think when you get up into your clinical years the age difference doesnt seem as noticible, but i am in my first year, and i definatly feel like i am alot older than my classmates.

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    Hate to say it, but you'll more than likely be the odd one out when it comes to age That's the worst about coming from the N. American system and taking a few years off...coming over here, you're like a decade older than the majority. I don't consider myself old but i'm considered old....just try not to think about it and know there are others out there in the same situation (and hopefully one or two in your class).

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