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    School Requirements?

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    I have been searching the sites but I can find a clear answer of what courses are need to to apply for Irish schools. The Carribean schools have a clear course requirement like 1 year of biology, etc... Anyone know the info? Thanks

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    Exclamation Irish Schools

    EXCELLENT idea, applying to Irish schools:
    (Not as hard to get into as LCME MD)
    The Irish Universities & Medical Schools Consortium

    Requirements in General:
    1. 3 Years Colllege Degree with at least 90 Credit Hours
    2. Pre-Reqs: English, Physics, Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
    3. MCAT (Average to High)
    4. GPA Over 3.0

    AND Hopefully some Extra Community Hrs, with Good LOR (Faculty/ Profs etc..)


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