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    Canadian Student wanting to attend med school in Ireland

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    Hello - I am a Canadian Student who just graduated with a 2.5 GPA and no MCAT. However, I do have a long list of volunteer, extracurricular activities, research, job, awards and scholarships. The reason for the low gpa is because of an incident that happened in 2nd year of university (my grandfather passed away in a car accident during final exam period. soon after this my relatives were affecgted in the Tsunami).

    Through the Atlantic Bridge PRogram, I can apply to 5 Irish med schools (which don't require the MCAT).

    What are my chances? I've heard from people that admission is competitive AND I've also heard that Irish and UK schools compete for students from North America.

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    Manoga--just noticed this question...not sure if you will check back at this point for a response but...I would suggest you check out the Atlantic Bridge Program. It is a centralized service that sends your application to all of the schools in Ireland. You do need an MCAT or a GAMSAT however so if you want to study there I would suggest writing at least one of those. I just got accepted to UL, my GPA was decent but my MCAT wasn't super hot so...you don't need to ace the MCAT. Hope that helps.

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