Hello Everyone,

I have a list of apartments available for Fall. I am just going to copy and paste most of an email that I sent to a student recently that has all of the important information. Please let me know if anyone has questions about anything to do with university life. I am happy to help.

Student (name removed),

First, congratulations on your acceptance to medical school. I believe that you will really enjoy St. James. It is a great place to study basic science. Secondly, you will have plenty of options when you come to the island. No need to come early. There will definitely be spots available when you arrive. You heard right, almost half of all students live in Island Harbour and I do as well. We have built a nice community of students. I usually set up apartments for students here. I am currently helping many of your incoming classmates find housing. There are many benefits to working with the landlords in this part of the island.

For starters everyone that we use for housing does so without using lengthy contracts. In fact the only contract that we have is a thirty day type that requires both yourself or the landlord to provide thirty days in the event of a move. This allows the students to be free from the financial worry that lengthy contracts entail. You may move out whenever you wish, just provide the thirty days notice. We also require a deposit equal to your last month of rent. Whenever you decide to move simply let the landlord know and do not pay your last month. It has worked out beautifully so far.

If you have considered getting a roommate I would suggest obtaining the buddy list that Chicago can provide you. This is how I found my roommate before coming. Having a roommate/ apartment mate cuts down on all cost. You split rent (bigger place), utilities, internet, ect. It is a huge financial winner to have a shared apartment.

Lastly, your rental budget of $600 is plenty. I have several units available. I will just list them and let me know if any sound like what you are looking for.

1.) One bedroom $550.00, very clean, new appliances ,near french bakery, large bedroom with new furniture. AC, restaurant delivery service from Around the Corner (owner)

2.) One bedroom $500.00, new appliances, remodeled building complex close to Shoal Bay. Student neighbors.

3.) One bedroom $800.00, beautiful unit with pool, balcony, and across the street from harbor dock

4.) One bedroom $1000.00, big enough for two people. Large living area, dining room, beach front, two new restaurants across the street. Oversized closet and bathroom. Private balcony with ocean front view. Swimming pool, private parking, student neighbors. Glass doors facing ocean in bedroom. Three AC units.

5.) Two bedroom $1100.00, Huge apartment. Remodeled kitchen with new appliances. Bedrooms on opposite sides each with a private bath (remodeled- very nice). King size beds, upstairs, student neighbors.

6.) Three bedroom $1200.00, private home. Very spacious. King size beds in each room. Large living area, private garage, large front patio (covered), private yard, two car garage. Fruit trees on property. Private bath for each bedroom.

7.) Two bedroom $900.00, brand new apartment building, never been occupied. AC in each room, new everything. Four units to choose from. Great deal.

8.) Two bedroom $900.00, large apartment on East End. AC, washer/dryer in unit, restaurant service, close to beach, no student neighbors.

Consider that the university provides free bus service so transportation to and from school will not be an issue. Hopefully this helps. I have attached some photos of the $800.00 one bedroom just to give you an idea of what most of the units look like.