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    HOUSING - important to know

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    1. I did my real estate picking over the phone. they told me crap like, "oh...its a 10 minute walk to school" --- real estate people here say whatever they want to get you to buy

    2. Yeah it is a 10 minute walk to school if you are a malnourished local not carrying any books. So I introduce the RULE OF 2. Multiply what they say by 2. You will be walking for 20 minutes in the humidity and heat.

    3. Do not rent anything that has HABOURTOWN REALTY on it. They are thiefs. SUNBELT REALTY is okay. Just do not deal with anyone specific. You must be persistent. Holland people are just as lazy as the Bonairians so you gotta make them work. Plus theyre women---so this might be a factor as well.

    4. ONLY SIGN A ONE MONTH LEASE WHEN YOU GET HERE!!!!! Put a clause that says, "I can give a two week notice in the first 30 days if I am not satisfied." TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR REAL ESATE! - tell these people how you want it...its BURGER KING TIME- have it yo way

    5. Understand that if you couldnt get into a US Med or Canadian Med School (AKA MC DONALDS), you have to live with being in a third world country. It is the same way eveywhere you go in the Carribean.

    6. If they want a two month deposit, tell them where to stick it.

    If all of the new guys stick together on this deposit deal, you will prevail.
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    "Plus theyre women---so this might be a factor as well." Chauvinistic much?

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    DON'T EVER GIVE THEM 2 MONTHS DEPOSIT!!!! They will try to find every way to keep it when u leave.
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