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    Ryazan Medical University

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    Anyone out there from Ryazan state medical university? Or anyone apply there? How do I contact the university for getting an admission there? Any help, plz!

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    I probably wrote it before: Ryazan University is a good example how good management may improve the quality of both recruitment and education. 7-8 years ago it was an ordinary regional medical school having 20-30-th positions in national ranking. The new team did very good job in many areas: they renovated hostels, improved educational process and invested huge money and efforts in promotion. As a result, it is nowadays the best regional (located outside Moscow and St Petersburg) medical university. It is the only school now offering MD, Pharmacy and Dentistry programs in three languages: Rus, Eng, and French. The hostels are equipped with Wi-Fi access to internet and all the student get non-expensive furnitured rooms for accommodation.
    I saw statistics: 7 years ago they had about 50 international students at all. Currently there are about 2000 foreign students.
    Ryazan city is one of the oldest Russian cities with 12 century history. It is the regional capital located in 2,5 hours driving distance to the south from Moscow. So, students may visit Moscow for weekends.
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