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Thread: OB-GYN Match

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    OB-GYN Match

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    I am a US citizen applying for OB with decent scores on steps (Step 1 236/99, Step 2 256/99); everything else about me is a nightmare. I have a gap in medical education due to depression. While I was depressed I did not complete the paper work for surgery and so I failed surgery. Other than that, I did not do any better than a high pass in third year; but, did high pass/honor during second year. I am so afraid of not matching. I don't want to just go into a field I don't like just to have a paycheck next year. I was considering doing a transitional year for the purposes of getting more letters of recommendation.

    Any advice?

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    I'm not a PD, of course, but as a person with a couple of red flags of my own? I suppose the good news is that your 99/99 scores could well be enough in vacuo to get you some interviews... you can deal with the ancillary crap in your personal statement. You will want to be able to show exactly what you have done to manage the situation and fix it. Frankly, I would imagine that you could probably apply for both OBGYN and Transitional Year, rank all of your OBGYN interviews first and Transitional Year interviews second, and then see where you land.

    You are in a far better situation than many people, thanks to your Step performance. If you can show people how you have overcome your personal challenges, my feeling is that you still have a shot.
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    I highly agree with Devil-Doc
    Emphasis heavily on your strong points, not everyone is perfect and others can be in your same boat even more severe. What differentiates you greatly is your 99/99 scores such is a first qualifier amongst matching.

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