Sample Personal Statement #1


It was my senior year of college. Two of my close friends, my lab partner and his wife were about to have their first child After months of anticipation and two false alarms the day finally arrived Her membranes ruptured and she was four centimeters dilated. Nervous but excited we were led into labor room two. She and the baby were monitored continuously and she was intermittently examined throughout the day Six hours later her first stage of labor ended-she was ten centimeters dilated and ready to push.

My reasons for pursuing a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology are numerous. The field offers a unique combination of primary care and a surgical subspecialty. Primary care allows for continuity of care leading to the development of trusting, long-term relationships and the delivery of comprehensive, quality care. In addition to managing patients medically it affords the opportunity for surgical intervention if necessary. Also, as an Obstetrician/ Gynecologist I would have the opportunity to care for women of all ages and be part of a dynamic field that is both intellectually challenging and rewarding.

On the monitor I could see another contraction mounting. With a determined voice I said, "You can do it Naniah! Focus, breath, and p-u-s-h. We could clearly see the top of the baby's head With the next big contraction an episiotomy was cut and shortly qfler my close friends Carlos and Naniah were presentedwith their first child--a baby girl. Her cord was clamped and cut. As she let out a strong cry I was overcome with emotion; I could feel my eyes fill with tears. It was a day I would never forget.

There are several reasons I believe I am a strong candidate for your residency program and well-suited for a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology. First, I am confident in my ability to take principal responsibility for management of my patients medical problems and successfully execute the daily tasks expected of me as a resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Secondly, my work as a Physical Therapist Assistant taught me goals can be accomplished with persistence and determination. These capabilities will get me through difficult surgical procedures and prolonged, complicated deliveries. Thirdly, I believe I possess the mechanical ability, manual dexterity, and leadership qualities critical in a surgical subspecialty. As a teacher for autistic children and a leader of various organizations I learned skills that will enable me to set priorities, delegate responsibilities, and organize activities both in and out of the operating room. Lastly, I am a compassionate person devoted to helping and caring for others. Whether it be an Oncology patient in her final days of life, an infertile couple trying to conceive a child, or an Obstetrical patient who miscarried a desired pregnancy, I can empathize with their situation and make a difference in their lives.

The fundus rose in her abdomen, the cord lengthened, and there was a gush of blood shortly followed by the delivery of the placenta. They massaged her uterus, repaired the episiotomy, and cleaned her up. Snuggled in a blanket with a little pink knitted cap, *******le Marie was gently laid on her mother's chest. Naniah looked exhausted yet content with the small miracle she held in her arms.

My career goals include enrolling in a residency program that will develop my clinical and technical skills, promote patient education and prevention, encourage participation in community service, and concern itself with ethical issues in medicine. Upon successfully completing residency I plan to commit myself to the underserved as part of my National Health Service Corps Scholarship. I have a special interest in helping the indigent in our community and anticipate this being a rewarding time in my life. Furthermore, being a Humanities Scholar has increased my awareness of ethical dilemmas in medicine, an interest I plan to pursue by serving on an ethical committee of a hospital. Ultimately, I hope to establish a shelter for pregnant women and teens to provide them with basic needs, prenatal care, counseling, and support. Despite my many goals I will still find time to enjoy personal interests and spend quality time with my family.

Currently, Carlos is a resident in Internal Medicine, Naniah is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, and *******le is a kindergartner at Saint Bridget's. It's hard to believe how quickly time passes; it was only five years ago when we were gathered for the birth of their baby girl. That day strong bonds were formed and memories were created that will undoubtedly continue to last a lifetime.

Sample Personal Statement #2


After enjoying every clinical rotation during my third year I thought it would be difficult to choose a specialty, but ultimately it was an easy decision. By the end of my third year, I suspected that Emergency Medicine was right for me. This belief was confirmed on the first day of my fourth-year Emergency Medicine elective and continued through my Pediatric Emergency Medicine elective. The variety of clinical encounters, procedures, and degrees of illness makes Emergency Medicine extremely appealing to me. Being the first physician to assess the patient's needs, provide treatment, and recommend a next step for continued treatment is both challenging and gratifying. Each new patient presents something different and each will provide a learning opportunity at all phases of my career.

My past experiences have helped me develop qualities that are essential for the practice of Emergency Medicine. My hard work and motivation to learn have enabled me to develop a broad foundation of knowledge and clinical skills. My service on the Honor Court as president and as a representative, and my participation on faculty committees has fostered leadership, decision-making, and communication skills that will be valuable whether I am working with students, house officers, faculty members, or consultants. My many years of varsity soccer have helped me to strengthen my mental and physical endurance, discipline and teamwork. Developing a tuberculosis screening clinic and working with people with HIV who were addicted to drugs heightened my sensitivity and my desire to work with patients from all backgrounds. My supportive wife, parents, and brothers, and interests outside of medicine, including running, soccer, tennis, and music, provide me with a necessary balance in my life. They have also helped me develop the strength and vision necessary to accomplish my goals within and outside of my medical career.

I would like to continue my education in an academic residency program which includes a varied patient population and ample opportunities to obtain the training and skills that a competent Emergency Medicine physician needs. I look forward to involvement in research opportunities so that I might contribute to the exciting and rapidly growing field of Emergency Medicine research. I will consider completing a fellowship after I have had some experience as a house officer. I intend to make teaching part of my career, as a way to continue my academic, clinical, and personal growth. My ultimate goal is to improve the practice and delivery of Emergency Medicine as a leader and teacher in the setting in which I practice.

Thank you for your consideration. I look ahead to the next phase of my training with great excitement and strong commitment.

Sample Personal Statement #3

Personal Statement Life experience has uniquely prepared me for a residency in emergency medicine. I was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana in 1957. My father was a plumber and my mother was a Mexican immigrant who left school in third grade. My parents had great hopes for me; my mom encouraged me to go to college and my father would read books about science, such as The Origin of the Species, with me. But there was a secret at home. My mother, my siblings and I were victims of domestic abuse. Although I dreamed of being a doctor, my aspirations were limited by my chaotic home environment and by my parents' impoverishment. And so at the age of eighteen, I married and left home.

.As the wife of a successful businessman I relished raising my two sons. Outwardly life was idyllic. My greatest desire was to go to college, but my husband was opposed. Against his wishes, I took two classes a semester for nine years. Eventually I finished my bachelors degree in interior design, a field he found acceptable. But I was still interested in science. When my children would go to the doctor, I would come home and read about their illnesses. Attracted by the excitement and variety of emergency medicine, I eventually started volunteering in a level one trauma center. I soon became a weekend night regular at the emergency department, helping and learning when I could. Finally in 1994, 1 left my children with their father and stepmother, and entered medical school. It was the most difficult choice I have ever made.

Emergency medicine has been a natural choice for me. It provides the intellectual challenge of diversity and change while requiring poise under pressure. In particular it demands concentration to deal with acute disease processes. Motherhood gives you nerves of steel. It has taught me to think quickly and remain focused under stressful conditions. It has also taught me patience and diligence, conditions of parenthood. As a working mom who was also studying pre-medicine, I developed tremendous mental and physical stamina. I learned to manage and execute multiple tasks, a skill that would be an asset in any busy emergency room. At the same time, because of my early life experiences, I do not shy away from the many complex social issues that confront the emergency physician. I will never forget the sacred trust I hold with my patients, especially those who feel powerless and who turn to the medica' professionals for help. To fulfill these social convictions, I have sought further training in recognizing and treating domestic abuse; I participated in two workshops offered by Physicians for Social Responsibility addressing this topic. In addition, I was awarded a National Medical Fellowships Substance Abuse Treatment and Research Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania as a third year medical student.

After residency, I would like to practice emergency medicine in an urban medical center. Ultimately my goal is to be the best clinician possible, while serving in an academic setting. There is an enthusiasm in the teaching environment that energizes me; I would like to pass that excitement along to those that follow me. In addition, teaching requires one to broaden their knowledge base and procedural skills. Most importantly, I would also like to educate students of medicine towards issues of domestic and substance abuse, especially as it impacts the in the emergency department setting. Completing four years of medical school has been the fulfillment of a dream for me. It is through emergency medicine that I feel that I can serve best. Thank you for your consideration.