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    Electives and money

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    Hi, I am wondering about how paying for fourth year electives works.
    I know that once rotations start we are charged for 5 semesters of tuition.
    I also know that we need to set up our own electives.
    I guess I am confused as to how that works. do we have to pay tuition and on top of that pay the fees to the hospitals for doing electives there? This question came up for me when I was looking a fourth year electives abroad and most of these programs have fees, who pays for those?


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    When you apply for electives to most hospitals (university programs) on the application there is a section that the office has to fill out and they check off that you pay tuition so, your tuition that is paid to mua goes to that. Unless it is something like a weekly fee then you pay that out of pocket. If you wanted to do electives at wyckoff, you are looking at paying $150/week out of your own pocket (so $600 per elective on top of your 8600 something tuition fee)

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