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    Setting up electives in Canada

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    Does anyone know when students should start to set these up? I've heard that there is an application process for setting up clinical rotations in Canada that takes time and may cost extra; can anyone shed light on this.

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    I have similar questions.With 35-45% of the student population being Canadian, the school shud have someone to guide and inform abt regulations and the process for getting back into Canada.It would be great if the a school official looked up these things so Many students dont have to spend hours trying to find this out themselves....
    1. How to set up rotations in Canada, restrictions if you plan on doing ur residency there as well.
    2. Timeline for licensure and evaluation exams, which test is written during ur rotations,if you need to write any test for doing your electives in Canada. Also, the deadlines for applications to the CARMs.
    3. Any other information that i might have missed...

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