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Thread: Basic science ?

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    Basic science ?

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    Any current students can tell me about Basic science curriculum? I notice that you guys take biochemistry with lab, but other med schools biochem lab isn't apart of the curriculum, how hard is biochemistry in poland? Lublin?

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    Yes, there is lab; it's the only real lab you'll have besides the occasional trip down to see the cadavers in anatomy. Most others are simple smaller-group versions of lectures. I actually enjoyed the biochem lab a lot. As far as how difficult it is, you basically need to know Lippincott's Illustrated Review. A few sections are stressed, but Anatomy is far more demanding, as are most of your 2nd year courses. If you had biochem in undergrad it'll be a good review with a bit more detail. If you haven't you might want to read through Lippy's and start going over the cycles. Then again, reading over Anat will probably prove far more helpful.
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