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    public internet hotspots in Lublin

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    Are there public places that are internet hotspots in Lublin? Like the mall or cafes? Are these free or do you have to pay for internet access in these places? How about KFC or Pizza Hut or Subway? Do these restaurants have internet access as in US?
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    There are hotspots here, especially in some places around the uni most students go to eat, etc. Don't expect to find connections everywhere like you can in the states, but there are places. I also only use the free ones, so maybe if you're willing to pay you might find more options open. The school's newer buildings also have wireless, but personally my year has yet to get our codes, and we've been here since October. This is partly because we got the list of people wanting to use it to the admin late (read; end of last semester), but I still feel this kind of thing should be something the school organizes at registration or even before we start and just gives us the codes.... the way they did it is first ask for a list of who wants to use the internet, then forward it to their IT guy (dept, idk), then wait to get the codes and forward them to us. Anyway, I'd suggest getting on the ball with this asap with your year, because you do end up spending more time there between classes, etc. when you could really use some internet access.

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