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    Where do USPS packages to the school go?

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    I'm mailing my textbooks and clothing to myself by U.S. surface mail, because the FedEx and DHL rates are ridiculous from my location. Will those packages go directly to the school, or will they sit in some post office or Customs house waiting for me to claim them? If the latter, is there some time limit (I will surely miss it)? Do I need to engage a broker to deal with this? If yes, how do I do that? If I have to get them from the BC PO, I will need a luggage carrier, even for one box. Can I buy one near the PO or near school? Is there a weight limit for luggage on the ferry?
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    They will go to the post office most likely. So, when valuing the package, don't make it out to be too much or you'll pay tax on the value.

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    Hi Fossildoc,

    If you are shiping your books and other stuff using US mail, they will be delivered tot he post office here on the island. The school will get a notice and give it to you. When you are ready to pick them up, you will go tot he post office, show them your student id and most likely they will open and check them in front of you. Do not leave prices on anything and do not make the value of your goods too high. The guys at the post office know all of us (medical students), they are really nice and easy going. They should not charge you an arm and a leg for stuff that you need as a medical student (dvds, electronics, computer parts are the most expensive), so try to bring them with you in your luggage.

    No, there is no luggage weight limit when you take the ferry from Belize City. Try to get Triple J . Express Water Taxi ( Phone 207-7777) (they are the most reasonable). I have their card, the fare from BC to San Pedro is $25 BZ one way (12.50US).
    They leave BC everyday (except Sunday) to San Pedro: hours of deprarture are 8:00AM, 10:30AM, 12:00 Noon, 3:00PM. When you arrive in San Pedro, you will be able to get a taxi from town to your apartment, (around 7$-10BZ). If you have any questions, please post. We will try our best to answer and help you out.

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