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Thread: 2 medical schools in guyana

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    2 medical schools in guyana

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    Hey all students,
    I am a stdent that formerly studied at Windsor, and left it with a heap of debt.. I left Windsor because i cant get in to clinicals in USA and i had all sorts of problems in Windsor.. They refused to give me academic transcript, so i left that hole with nothing.. I decided to start fresh again in an environment that is encouraging to learn.. I decided to come here to Guyana and currently I am studying at AISM.. American International School of Medicine.. The school is new i know and the second i post it on the forum there is going to be some criticism of it.. The school is excellent in the fact that it allows students to do clinicals in usa, trinidad or england..i think i have found the rite place that is friendly, and environment that is very encouraging to learn.. I am getting straight As now so far in 1st semseter.The curriculum is a wide one and very integrated for the best possible results..
    Admissions are 3 times a year like the offshore med schools..

    Meanwhile there is another school here that i think is better than AISM.. It is university of guyana school of medicine..which is very close to this school.. The lecturers we have are the same ones that they have..
    They have a 5 year curriculum and fees are reasonably cheap ie $7000 a year.. If u are graduating from high school, in the middle of pre-med or have completed pre-med i strongly encourage you to apply, as theyll accept you provided u have good grades.

    This insitutuion doesnt have student loans so you have to be able to afford approx 12-13K USD a year including books, accommodation and meals.. Cost of living here is dead cheap compared to most of the carribean countries.

    University of Guyana
    5 year program
    The medical program (MBBS) is comprised of 76 weeks of core pre-clinical study and 146 weeks of clinical rotations at hospitals in Guyana, primarily the Georgetown Public Hospital Corp. (teaching hospital). In our MBBS program students, armed with theoretical knowledge, participate in the patient care process while rotating though various medical specialties, under the guidance of the clinical faculty, and staff physicians.

    The criteria for admissions are based on the academic ability of each applicant. This academic ability is judged on the basis of previous educational records, character initiative and personality. Selection is also determined by aptitude, as attested by letters of recommendation, personal interviews and a personal essay.
    The UG School of Medicine is a national institution established to train Guyanese and international physicians with the capacity to provide the best possible quality of medical care wherever they practice.
    In 1985, the Medical Practitioner's program was established with the involvement of the University of Guyana, GAHEF, and the Georgetown Public, West Demerara Regional, Davis Memorial and St. Joseph's Mercy Hospitals.

    Then in 1995, the institution was renamed "The School of Medicine, University of Guyana" (UGSM), and its entire curriculum and administrative structure was revised. This paved the way for the development of the Medical School's Pre-clinical and Clinical Departments.

    For the first time, in 1996, the School of Medicine, university of Guyana (UGSM) was listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools.

    Over 165 students have graduated from the MBBS Degree Program from the inception of the UGSM to date.

    Student dormitories are also available at $120 USD/month..Admissions are once a year only.. Sep 2004.. so apply in feb 2004

    Whats it like living here?

    Basically, Guyanese people are friendly and warm.. The country is in some shambles due to its disturbing past and some racial tension between africans and indians exist.. Kidnappings and robberies are are common here as anywhere in thw worls, but if u use common sense, it will get u out of trouble.. repsect for med students here is enormous, and u shouldnt have time to worry abt these things anyway because u as a medical student, u will have time for studying only..There are some things that u have to sacrifice in life if u want the reward in the end.. This countrry is no the perfect place to live, due to poverty and gap between rich and poor increasing. However, lots of foreigners do invest and live here, so if u have $$ u can live quite well off here even if u live average life in usa..

    I hope i have given you all some insight in to medical schools in this region.. I am happy here and i think i have made the right move.. With some time here i can get my MD and be happy, and ill look forward to doing clinicals

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    Useful info!

    Thanks for the useful info, I am sure it wil benefit some students.

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    There is also one more good university in Guyana, Texila American University (tauedu.org)

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    No, don't go to any of these universities. They are taking the bottom of the bottom.
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    Edinburgh University Medical SchoolHidden Content

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    Thank you for the useful information.

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