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    Certificate of good conduct?

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    I was looking at a few schools' admission requirements and noticed that they required a police certificate of good conduct. I am getting ready to apply soon and was wondering how I would go about getting this "certificate of good conduct."

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    go to the police station and they will do a background check and issue a letter(unless you are wanted, then they will throw you in jail!!!) this apparently is more common then you think, as when i got mine, it was a form letter and they said they give them out often. and this was from a fairly small town!

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    Depends on where you are and what the school requires.

    Most simply requires a computer check... NCIC and III (Interstate Indentification Index) are two frequently checked data base. They will show every arrest, conviction where fingerprints were taken. And the results are available right away (it may take longer for them to type your letter though.) A more thorough background, if required, will involve fingerprints, which will take a few weeks.

    unless you are wanted, then they will throw you in jail!!!
    This actually happens from time to time. When I was a cop, we have arrested a few people who came in for "clearance letters" and end up having no-bail felony warrants out for their arrest... it surely was nice that they came to us voluntarily... 8)

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