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School Name Location (Country/Region) Tuition Per Semester Email
Australian Medical Schools
AustraLearn: Study Medicine in Australia and New Zealand Austrialia & New Zealand,
$38,000 - $60,000 AUD (per semester)
Australia-U.S. Medical School Queensland,
Tuition Fee: $64,240 USD/year
Tuition deposit: $3,000 USD
Flinders University Medical School Adelaide
Annual fees 2016: $61,400
Annual fees 2017: $63,500
James Cook University Medical School Australia $42,000 AUD/year
OzTREKK - Study Medicine in Australia Australia $13,500 - $46,000
per year
University of Auckland Medical School Auckland,
New Zealand
University of Queensland Medical School Queensland
University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine Sydney
Israeli Medical Schools
Ben Gurion University Medical School Israel,
Middle East
$14,250 Basic
$14,250 Clinical
Sackler School of Medicine Israel,
Middle East
a year
Technion School of Medicine Israel,
Middle East
$33,000 per year
Other Foreign Medical Schools
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore Singapore,
Singapore Citizens: SGD 43,050
Singapore Permanent Residents: SGD 48,050
International Students: SGD 56,300
Fatima University Medical School Philippines,
per year
St. Christopher College of Medicine Sengal, Africa
UK, Europe
$9,000 Basic
$10,000 Clinical
Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Guadalarjara,
1st & 2nd years: $22,000
3rd & 4th years: $42,000 (in USA)
Clinical Rotation: $50,000 (in USA)
Internship: $24,000 (in USA)
Vanuatu Medical University (VMU) Vanuatu,
US $4,500/semester
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